Home away from home for the super-rich

Its not uncommon for the super-duper rich to want to own their own little villa in Maldives. In fact some rich guests sometimes do ask if its possible to buy an island only for themselves. That maybe not possible for the moment in Maldives but a new development in the tourism sector will just allow clients to ‘own’ their own villa in the country in the Luxury Villa Resorts a few of which are in the works at various stages of development (mostly in theoretical realm at the moment)

The beautiful island of Lundhufushi in Raa Atoll is to be built as such a unique type of resort in that the rooms to be built in the resort could be actually ‘owned’ by the super-rich. However the ‘owners’ of the island are expected to be restricted to spend a total of 6 week per year in the island. The remainder of the year, the owners rent out their property to other guests just like normal resorts does. The ‘owners’ of the individual villas and the hotel managing company are expected to share in the sale of this rent arrangement. This arrangement is a new concept in the country and it remains to be seen how the operation goes.
According to Haveeru the development of the island will cost 62m$ for 40 rooms out of which 33 will be built over water and the rest on land. Its also reported that the actual construction of the island is to start in earnest in February 2011. The resort is expected to be open somewhere in 2012.

Links: www.presidencymaldives.gov.mv


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