Overdoing in obeisance

taking a break!

Resort workers in general know to keep their bearings about in dealing with the guests. Our resorts are without exception, always at a class of its own and the guests expect differential treatment. The staff generally are courteous and un-interruptive. Yet the pressure from modern managements is such that its not infrequent that staff are required to be more talkative and more inquisitive of guests. With an artificially broad smile and asking about how the day went with the guest is a requirement which directly affects the career. In short, the more persistent, talkative and aggressive the staff, the chances of him or her being promoted to the next step in the ladder is greater.

However the effect of this artificiality immediately gets what it deserve, sometimes in the form of negative hotel reviews such as in the popular travel advisory site:Trip Advisor

Here is an extract of such a review from a big  collection of guest reviews of various resorts from Trip Advisor site which illustrate this point.

“The staff kept coming out of the wood work asking us if everything was to our satisfaction. Ok, this fine once or twice but when it happens seven and eight times during a meal, you feel like you want to feed them to the sharks. The staff were so hypocritical that it was written all over their faces that they really didn’t give a damn although they kept asking us how our day was. After a week, we wanted to chuck them into the flaming Tandoori oven.”


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