While celebrating tourism week…

Apart from the usual nonsensical agendas to commemorate public events, the official calendar of events for the tourism day is devoid of any thing of substance which can benefit either the workers or the employers.

Here is a list of some events which are on agenda for the week and our commentary on the events.

Presidential Address : An opportunity for the president to feel good about himself and his good office.. say a few kind words to the employers and a fewer condescending words of advice to workers.

Tourism Day Supplement : Another useless piece of literature compiled somewhere in the tourism ministry

Cultural Performances: Boduberu and some old unheard of forms of music.. and more traditional music. The sound of music!

Museum Week : Inspecting old stones and (supposedly) important looking documents, furniture etc.

Photo exhibition for public : who need photos when there is flicker?Maybe a good idea for the old former workers and former employers to feel good about nostalgia of when they were in resorts..

Art competition for students : Art by definition is aristocratic. Its for the affluent, for those who can afford to be useless. A developing nation needs people who can work, engineers, craftsmen, doctors, scientists,teachers, waiters, housekeepers etc.

TV Quiz: Most of our TV quiz’s go like this: Which date was this resort or that resort opened? Its more about remembering dry numbers rather than the context.

Cultural Performance : Boduberu again!

7 wonders voting : somebody answer this:Where is the moral satisfaction of artificial y raising our country’s own ratings?

Industry employees awareness prog@ no: 1 Jetty (dispute minimization) : good one! We need this. Everybody needs this.

Panel Discussion (Tourism & Biodiversity) : very likely to be a voluminous useless talk by some boffins the purpose of which might be to prove who talks more..

MNBC Inter resort Boduberu competition (Launching) : Boduberu again!

Awareness lectures about Tourism & Biodiversity : Awareness much needed . But wouldn’t it be a good idea to make the employers more aware of workers rights? They apparently lack a healthy doze of this.

Clean-up programme : PR stunt for tourism ministry officials and politicians.

Exposure Trips (Parents & Students) : good idea.

School essay competition: rather than have the students write about how white the resort’s beaches are, it would be a good idea to expose the students to challenges working in tourism sector which ultimately is where most of the students be a few years from now.

Meanwhile at Alila Villas Hadaha there is a report of mass resignation of staff  in protest: The story can be read here at Minivan News


4 thoughts on “While celebrating tourism week…

  1. Hi Guys,
    Greetings from Las Vegas…
    Been a while to drop something. As i had been to an intresting Luxury Travel Fair in Las Vegas i came to know more about the concepts in the minds of buyers regarding Maldives.
    1. Maldives still remains to be a paradise for Travelers.
    2. Maldives should promote innovative products to remain in the tough beach tourism markets.
    3. The age old honey moon destination theme must give way for innovative products. I myself tried to pass this message innumerable times, but as usual failed to bring the result from authorities.

    I love to see you guys showcasing your views as resort workers, however i would like to call you tourism ambassodors from Maldives. You guys should try to create a change in the concept of Maldivian tourism marketing. There strong destinations to compete when it comes to Maldives. Students in the schools must get exposure into the industry which should never be limited to an industrial training. We should try to train them to think and ponder about the vast opportunities in this feild. As i can see the normality is not enough to handle this hot potato. Well, voting Maldives as a wonder is part of Marketing, but at the end of the day it matters as what you have on offer.
    Thanks for your kind reply and Good Luck!
    Keep your vibrant thoughts on air as this is really awesome.

  2. Hi,
    Greetings from Denmark…..
    I came across with your presentation or sort of thoughts during tourism day.
    I had been to Maldives for 5 years and got more than enough to answer you as follows:
    1. Tourism is the core of Maldivian Economy and things must be improved for making it sustainable.
    2. I can understand your feelings about the rights and obligations of tourism industry professionals in Maldives, however i find it is more about rights when it comes to obligations.
    3. I will totally disagree with your comments on Tourism Day programs in Schools, as i am one of the pioneers in Maldives to do so. This is purely by making an effort through craft preparation, essay writting, cultural programs and other forms of activites that may generate an interest among the new generation.
    Forget about your comments about making students work in resort or hotel to commemorate the tourism day as this is irrealistic and complicated.
    Education is meant to be the cradle of exposure, where you induce pupils to ponder over options available in the world, especially when it comes to their career.
    Regarding Boduberu i am so dissapointed to have your comments as it is ridiculous to mention in a place like this. The cultural performance in Maldives is Boduberu and there is no point for you to insist people to have a Cuban rock music to replace the same!

    Please feel free to reply me.

    1. Hi john.
      Thanks for visiting our site and sharing your views on our posts. We always love to get feedback from our readers and encourage to answer back!
      As for your interesting observations, it seems the intent of our post was not arrived at by the reader. And here is our talk back:
      1. We, the workers are in no way advocating anything against sustainable tourism… rather we believe more shall be done and we are all for it.
      2.We believe Tourism Day programs in schools are woefully inadequate to be of value for students in schools. Its not that students will not get ‘anything’ out of a huge effort but more should and could have been done! Rather than boasting about our white beaches (all local students know this!) more effort shall have gone to orient the students to working conditions of resort workers etc. Because ultimately these very students will sooner join the workforce with us in resorts than join the ‘guest-force’ with them!
      3. Regarding Boduberu our heartfelt apologies for not being clear on this issue as well: We have nothing against local Boduberu. On the contrary Boduberu shall be presented in resorts as its traditionally presented by master drummers. However the current tendency in resorts is just to have a bunch of guys beat on anything that resembles a Boduberu and create lots of noise. That’s not the Boduberu anybody can claim to have cultural value .
      Thanks again and keep visiting our blog and share your views.
      Resort workers

  3. sir, i think some of them are good …
    MHO awareness programs and voting for 7 wonders are good things …
    a presidential address defines the importance of the event … does it not ???
    not everything should be in direct benefit to resort workers … dont you think ???
    but one has to agree that you resort workers are doing an important service to the industry and country …

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