The new medical policy

Most resorts in Maldives do not have an in-house doctor to provide medical care to the staff. Hence being able to come to Male’ to seek medical services is relatively hassle-free in most resorts (the ones which are close to Male’). However there are those resorts which are relatively close to Male’ (the capital city) which has in-house doctors in residence and has inconceivably insensitive procedures for the staff to seek medical attention. Consider this new medical policy of a resort.

The steps involved in being able to show to doc.

  1. notify your supervisor
  2. supervisor to fill a form
  3. the patient to retrieve the form from supervisor’s office and go to doc
  4. the doc checks the patient
  5. the doc may or may not refer the patient to a hospital in Male

Of course this new policy is only applicable for the lower ranking staff and the doctor has always to be available for higher ranking staff. The policy is said to have come as a result of perceived abuse of the system by the workers which is understandable. However to overcome abuse in a system, a resort does not have to be insensitive to everyone. Those who are known to abuse the system could be straitened instead of being punitive to all. Lets go through all the steps in the procedure.

  • To notify to the supervisor: This is requires convincing the supervisor with ailment and symptoms that affect the worker. Having to divulge what ails the worker to others before doc is bad enough and is rightly adding insult to injury. Given a choice most human beings would not like to divulge their medical problems to others than their medical practitioners. However when a resort requires the workers to do just exactly this, it shows how insensitive a resort can be to staff.
  • Supervisor to fill a form: This is another layer of work to already work-overloaded supervisors which means delays and further red-tape between the sick staff and his/her treatment. Frequently, the supervisors have innumerable meetings and trainings so the sick staff having to depend on his/her busy supervisor to fill documentation for him/ her is needlessly cruel.
  • The patient to retrieve the form from supervisor’s office and go to doc: When a person is sick, and he/she has to undergo the indignity of having to divulge his ailment to ‘a superior’, after which he/she has to wait for the documentation to be prepared, after all this he/she has to go and find the supervisor wherever he or she maybe to retrieve those same documents and then again go to meet the doc who resides in another island… The steps are far too long and far too demanding of the sick. Just indicative of how evil a policy can be when it comes to lower ranking staff.
  • The doc: The doc is also a staff in the pay of the employer and its not uncommon for the the doc to be pressured not to issue ‘bed rests’ or any kind of rests to the staff to lengthen the time staff are required to work. Further the doc frequently is instructed not to refer the patients to further treatment at Male’ to save the employer money and to keep the worker at job despite his health.

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