Striking Kurumba staff taken to detention facility at Dhoonidhoo

Kurumba Village Universal

Haveeru reports that 19 workers of the Kurumba Maldives were taken to notorious detention facility at Dhoonidhoo after a deadline issued by their employer to return to work passes and the employer is using the police to evict the staff on trumped up charges. The charges include using physical violence on management members and destroying resort’s property. Both of these charges are false and the protesters maintain the employer is using these allegations to smear their peaceful protest not to give in to the modest demands of the protesters.


One thought on “Striking Kurumba staff taken to detention facility at Dhoonidhoo

  1. Hon.Mohamed Shihaab should and must resign without hesitation. I am pretty sure that he is not capable to be a home minister of a nation in 21st century. How can he send police to stop peaceful demonstration? How can police ask the demonstrators to decide something against their will? What is the problem with the police? Are they mad? Can president Nasheed sleep well sending 19 of those peaceful demonstrators to jail? What is democracy?
    Oh! Well! Its “Universal enterprise” the Kologey creed! They are above the law! They can do what they want. This is not a democratic country but” Vagaajehi criminals company private limited”. The untouchables will survive. Poor labors will be jailed harassed and killed. This is all true. Its true from the beginning and its true even now.
    We should stand all together and do one single demonstration only one day if we need to live a life here. To that day we must become real leaders of our nation and emend the constitution to empower the people to take the nation from the hands of the criminal.
    Let’s re-organize and stand for our rights. If we really want we can do it now. This is the right time. Let’s do it for God’s Sake.

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