Enter the fire briagade!

Most resorts do have a fire prevention policy sometimes existing only in paper. The intention of course is to have a ready and effective fire combat team to face an eventuality of fire. However, different resorts go about the business of implementing the fire prevention issue in different ways. Whilst some resorts keep a dedicated trained force which do fire drills weekly (with incentives paid), others rely on the sure knowledge of loyalty of the staff to attend to such an eventuality. Well-oiled, clock-work like managements such as in Four Seasons do pay incentives to staff for voluntarily joining the fire brigade. Whatever the methodology of individual resorts, prevention is always better than cure. A little bit of incentive per month per staff to have a dedicated ready fire fighting force will return its worth once a fire action breaks out. Relying on mother nature, the goodwill of staff and complacency is a sure risky way of going about this issue.

Most of our resorts being roofed with easily flammable construction material such as coconut leaves and dry timber, exposed and frequently in contact with unreliable electrification processes have ideal conditions for such events which has happened numerous times in resorts. But the lessons of the events needless to say goes mostly unlearned.


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