Zeroing in on the local Mafia!

At last the authorities are finally catching up on the sources of high stakes criminality by imprisoning three important figures who are frequently associated with corruption. Although the authorities are lagging in its media presence (reporting on the issue), the actions the authorities are taking now is long overdue and much to their credit. Being liberal has also its limits and being too liberal may have been the reason why criminality flourished unchecked for so long in high public places. With the detention and investigation of these figures, it remains to be seen how much of a strong case of corruption can the authorities make on these figures and hopefully remove them from public offices.The fact that these three figures used money to buy their way through to public offices is evident even from the fact that their party (PA) has 7 members in the Majlis, whilst the membership of that party has not reached 3000, compared to other established parties like IDP and Adhaalath who failed to get even one seat in the Majlis despite their considerable membership.

The issue is not all about politics, its about criminals using the cover of public offices to hide their trades which nobody believes in.


2 thoughts on “Zeroing in on the local Mafia!

  1. They could be linked to murders if a thorough investigation exposes their links to the gangs in Male’ which certainly has shed much blood for a small island city like Male’. But such a link is unlikely to be unearthed cos the government’s media campaign is so feeble that the opposition will turn the situation from a purely criminal investigation to a political one. Already they are putting up posters of Yaameen like the one of Anni as a prisoner of conscience.

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