Bragging about being attentive to detail…

Its not uncommon for hotel managers and department heads to lecture the line staff about paying attention to detail and generally how to do things this way and that way. The reason of course is things are generally easier said than done.

Its also the case that whenever the “line staff” pays sufficient attention to detail, the all so common issues of budget comes in between and frequently the staff would be asked to do anything else other than paying attention to whatever he was paying attention to in the first place. Sometimes keeping to a fixed immovable budget is more important than giving a hard time to guests, which is a hotel industry reality understood only via counter intuition.

Some stains are stubborn and hard to remove as are some conditions which happen to rubber and plastic blinds which no amount of rubbing or scrubbing will go but still the guests cannot or will not understand these grievances the hard working staff goes through while the guests are yet on the way to the resort. Unfortunate situations like these are just not explainable to the guests although they will never complain. However what is at stake is the value of the brand name of the hotel or whatever which gets affected by things like this.

By nature, resort departments seldom try to take on more responsibilities on itself than it already has, which is a recipe for turf war such as between maintenance and housekeeping on who should do what for instance. However these turf wars shall not be a reason for the guests to see things like stained or cracked blinds because the guests will not understand how this attention to detail thing did not work for their room they have already booked and payed months in advance (sometimes).


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