They need some cash…

They in this case means the so called “Honourable” sleaze balls of our parliament who undoubtedly are the most selfish thoughtless and spineless creatures of our country. Forgive the harsh words but where there are not sufficient words to express the indignation of the common people at the corrupt politicians who run the country, a sufficiently strong language shall be used to wake others from the deep slumber of complacency. These are the same members of parliament who just a couple of years back revised their salary up from 18000 to 62500 and yet they did not include a provision for deducting a single laari even if they fail to show up to work for the entire duration of their office. This is perhaps a world class example of corrupt and incompetent and selfish majlis which is not like any other in the world. Of course this is not to paint all the MPs in the same brush but the recently leaked phone calls between the majlis members shows how their sweet talk at the election campaign and their lifestyles do not match. The very reason why they raised their salary upward at that time was given as a way to dissuade them (MPs) from taking loans or bribes from rich businessmen and the public were asked not to make much of an issue out of that. However now that their salaries are fatter, responsibilities are thinner and are fully involved in works beyond their mandate it comes as a shock to the nation to see how their trust are reviled by these chameleons.


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