Salaries based on their imagination

Right is an image of a job ad from Vilamendhoo recently published in Haveeru. The picture illustrates the problem of wages and salaries in resorts which seems more geared to keep the salaries near the bottom line rather than giving any consideration to the qualifications and skills or demands required of a job in relation to pay. For example there is no difference in being a palm tree climber and a labourer in most resorts however some resorts do not see it that way. Just below the list under the position of labourer comes Maintenance Administrator which surprisingly has the same pay level (3000rf?) albeit the word administrator which signifies some sort of authority or an administrative function. Kitchen and laundry technician is also another surprise entry as the skills required in general of being a technician in these areas are a lot together with experience. Most resorts now has full range of modern equipments in kitchen and laundry which uses, gas, electric, microwave, steam as well as solid-state electronics in the case of induction heating etc. For a technician to require to have working knowledge of all these areas and yet gets the same wage of a labourer is a little beyond reason and common sense.
Another puffed up name in the list is Duty Engineer who gets the same salary as a labourer but would generally be the person keeping a watch on the most expensive hardwares found in a resort. Referred as the”Duty engineer or “duty boy” the work of watching over engines and generators involve taking readings (if the plants are not automated) and feeding the machines with oil, water and changing their filters etc. These are all skilled works which cannot be equated with being a labourer or a sweeper. The reason why some resorts equate these positions in pay may be to bring cheap foreign labour on the pretext of unavailability of local talent which is good business practice but which does not help the local economy which is suffering from double digit unemployment.


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