On the political front..

Now that our country is going through a a “real” political problem, a few comments which can be said about the issue are in order:

  • the mass  protest resignation of the cabinet is more drama than anything else.
  • however the reasons they gave for their resignations have a little substance and more drama.
  • the president’s explanation of the situation is more prose than politics which is understandable since the president was a penman before a statesman.
  • that the opposition is taking advantage of the privileges offered by the parliament is a fact and equating some of them to petty thieves is not without merit.
  • understanding the problem is the first step to address the issue in question, however the legislature is not in a position to address these issues because of the runaway parliament which has fattened itself and made it more powerful than it should.
  • the judiciary is also in the same position of the parliament which is all about clan loyalty to the former president and little about what ails to the public.
  • the solution lies in heads rolling. Better perhaps if the supreme court can find a way to hang the parliament and president to call for fresh parliamentary elections.

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