Zitahli Kuda-funaafaru wants you!

But not if you do not happen to be a Philippino or a Nepalese… At least that’s the immediate comprehension one can draw after reading their job at JobMaldives site. The position advertised specifically requires a Phillipino or a Nepalese for the post of Senior HR Officer. Now its a strange request coming from a resort’s HR department but let’s analyze how such requests can not be justified in the first place.

In some resorts where a particular nationality of clients dominate the clientèle, its not uncommon to employ staff who could speak their language fluently. Resorts operating in the Italian Club style may not require much more than proficiency in Italian in their front desk skills set. The same goes for resorts who have a high concentration of Russians who would definitely demand someone in the front desk who can speak Russian. Now these positions are normally front of the house jobs and the jobs are offered on the basis of ability rather than belonging to a particular nationality, ethnicity or sect, creed.

Coming to back-of-the-house, its also plausible to employ a polyglot in the HR if there is a particular high concentration of foreign staff who has difficulty interacting in the universal language of English. However its a well known fact that almost all Nepalese can understand Hindi and that all Philippino can speak and understand English. Its also a fact the Human Resources ministry demands at least a 50% of the staff be employed from the country to help alleviate the social problems caused by unemployment. So this type of concentration of workers from a particular country other than Maldives is not even possible if the resort abides by tourism industry’s laws and norms.

So we ask why does a resort require staff from a particular nationality? Is it not the skills and experience and the ability to do the job rather than belonging to a particular country or ethnicity? Does a resort has to be accused of being racist just because the HR department wishes to employ their likes and the kindred? In this age and time where this country is going through huge unemployment and social instability, how can eligible locals be prevented if they have the right skills just because they do not belong to a particular country?