The guests are always right, Are they??

Most of the time we come across these problems in our work, no matter what area we are in. The guest is always right, or so… that’s what we are told from the beginning of our career in this industry. Which some of the guests take very seriously and take advantage of it whenever they can. And poor us (the staff) we cannot do anything against it most of the time.

“My room service order got delayed 45 minutes!”
“There are no toiletries in my room!”
“There’s a gecko in my room, I want change to another room immediately!”
“Get me the manager!”
These are all too common interjections by some guests even if the order got delayed by 2 minutes and the guest was informed or even if the said toiletries were refilled in the morning two times and even though this is tropical island where you can see these small harmless creatures (geckos) if you leave the doors open whole day!!

In most of cases the employer will either dismiss the staff concerned or give a “Written warning” even if the guest is KNOWN to be lying and everyone knows about. Sometimes these fake allegations by the guest are to get a free bottle of wine, champagne or a free upgrade. This is common in Hotel industry.

However just as there are opposites to everything, there are some wonderful guests who will overlook major mistakes and greet the staff with smiles all the time. Perhaps our works in tourism is worthwhile for considerations like that. Its not always the money in the job but the satisfaction of work and a fair work place that ultimately makes the day.