Shangri-La on strike over a playstation!

the gamesters on strike

Sounds hilarious, but its true! The problem occurred when 4 butlers of the resort were found playing a game on a Playstation console they brought to a vacant room and the security personnel noticed it. The security personnel tried to do a military style investigation using military language like “no body moves…”, “stay where you are” and took photographs of the “crime scene” which irked the gamesters. Things got out of hand when the security chief tried to manhandle one staff when he exited the “Crime scene” which followed heated exchanges and the matter was taken up by the HR which hastily decided to dismiss all the 4 butlers. When staff protested at the unusually harsh measures, all 64 protesting staff were suspended from work which was understood by staff as summary dismissal. The end of the matter is still not in sight and the police have also been called by the resort to thwart imagined threats to property by playstation loving staff! Latest news from the island have it that the big shots from the head office has arrived and consultations with the protesters will be conducted tomorrow morning.

villingili shangri la
Shangrila Villingili

Now it clearly goes beyond the pale of human reasoning as to how a five star resort with a good reputation can become so incomprehensible dealing with youthful staff and the whole situation becomes a full blown strike for what? A playstation game?

Butlers by nature of their job are always supposed at the beck and call of the guests and if the resort does not provide adequate facilities for staff recreation such lax in standard might occur. However, given the harmless nature of their “Crime” and the chain of events that ultimately lead to these drastic measures, calls into question the attitude by the management to the staff. In average low key resorts, owned and managed by the local owner or entrepreneur such “crimes” are common and equally drastic measures against such “crimes” are much more common. However what is NOT common is for big brand names in tourism sector like Shangri La to fall in to childish mistakes and take a hit on their reputation.

destroyed for demanding rights

Even though all resorts have their own small rules-of-engagement books for staff, such rules shall not contravene the labour law of the country. The labour law is very clear in that it allows not summary dismissals unless on very serious issues such as dishonesty, threat to property or life.

Shangri la staff on strike: all because of a playstation!


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  1. Doesn’t surprise me they treat staff that way. We were hit by the hotel speed boat in 2011 and were nearly killed.

    Both of us were unable to return to full working capacity due to her physical and mental injuries and my mental injuries. Both have been diagnosed with PTSD and have lost hundred of thousand in wages and future earning.

    Guess a hotel with such a “good” reputation doesn’t care about their workers or the two guests they nearly killed.

  2. hi there
    i’m so happy that i found this article. that comment was so insightful. thanks again i saved this blog.
    are you planning to post similar articles?

  3. ….Unbelievable this Situation..
    I’ m from Thailand..working in the hotel-business…
    I see this case as a JOKE …
    If this kind of thing (strike) would happen in our country, we can forget to have a JOB for our people
    of course, we would have no tourism at all..!
    You have a nice place/country…but now
    that I see how you do things there, I don’t want to visit the Maldives anymore….sorry – hotel staff have to learn to work hard and respect the rules of the company. With actions like this, you will have less and less tourists, that’s for sure !


  4. cheap sluts…!! lol…. i feel pitty for ur 5 days.. homeless, foodless..poor strikers.. i must say…. u know ot… scrudles like u are very cheap…. do u really think SLMD will forgive whose drunken idiots who was sleeping.. f**k off..!!

  5. o.O lets hope for the best…… I know my country has not perfected itself. At times, we’ve struggled to keep the promise of liberty and equality for all of our people. We’ve made our share of mistakes, and there are times when our actions around the world have not lived up to our best intentions…. i think its a experience too…Experience is the name every one gives to their mistakes that i beleive..its better if if u cn give a chance too….. no one is perfect.. i knw there are rules too… but If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything. I’m positive that a doer makes mistakes… if u can think twice abt this situation then its good..!!! The wish to acquire more is admittedly a very natural and common thing; and when men succeed in this they are always praised rather than condemned. But when they lack the ability to do so and yet want to acquire more at all costs, they deserve condemnation for their mistakes…. BUT I KNOW SHNAG MANAGEMENT WILL NOT HEAR US.. SO M TELLING TO THOSE BUTTLERS WHO NEETD WITH THIS SITUTAION..JUST Forgive yourself for your faults and your mistakes and move on. The successful man will profit from his mistakes and try again in a different way.


  6. Bala ey kohmehen strikai eykah nun ey hinnah ladha hayaah kudhukamun my fut..this ppl r disgsting……ey thimaa men kamah kerimaau benaah…kohmehen 4butlrs back to duty ah giney kah nun ehen nunas mee kon hisaabah…ADDU ATOLL ADHI S.FEYDHOO…shangrila myhunnah buzines fettenei maa bodashas kada hisaabaki… shangrila ge yas aga vettenei…huh ekams everiya everinge buzines continue keraa shiya… witht ny dificultis…..ehemmei u meyyas the kan thethi huttalau… shangrila work keraa staff mennah egeyhe thee venna kee hama kadalaah vegos thi bhi baakin kan….kekeke…i feel guilty for my self….this is rediculs…huh f***k…………..

  7. Bala ey kohmehen strikai eykah nun ey hinnah ladha hayaah kudhukamun my fut..this ppl r disgsting……ey thimaa men kamah kerimaau benaah…kohmehen 4butlrs back to duty ah giney kah nun ehen nunas mee kon hisaabah…ADDU ATOLL ADHI S.FEYDHOO…shangrila myhunnah buzines fettenei maa bodashas kada hisaabaki… shangrila ge yas aga vettenei…huh ekams everiya everinge buzines continue keraa shiya… witht ny dificultis…..ehemmei u meyyas the kan thethi huttalau… shangrila work keraa staff mennah egeyhe thee venna kee hama kadalaah vegos thi bhi baakin kau….kekeke…i feel guilty for my self….this is rediculs…huh f***k…………..

  8. well’… i have no doubt in that too. the for butlers who were terminated can’t look after the 65 people…. evrybody has their own idea in their own mind….Shangri-La will always move forward and hit the biggest headlines WW under the legal low for both rights of humans and other relatives….other than that the locals who were being involved on the on goin issue should get the right path in their mind by own think and get the right dicision would be the best way i guess so n so… no matter , neverthless we had so many idea’s , but goin through the issue was the worst and horrible idea i have ever come up..The resort will manage and do better without these 14 terminated people…. play palystation on a vaccant villa , guys that would reali got much relax and fine if you guys would have done that in staff area or at home.. shamless creep not to be fit on what guys… if i would participate in the strike i would reali feel ashamed of my self today to show up on duty.. but the guys who showed up..THANKS for supporting the SLMD managment…

  9. blame games….
    cant you just stop all these bullshit as they are using the resort names,peoples names which is not even appropriate….what is your motive… let the workers freely express their thoughts and feelings….well these people are usingwell respected resort names which is just unacceptable…..its disgusting and the blame goes to the whole resort……people just come out of your shells and start writing your own name….or atleast dont use the name of the resorts….in each resort there is more than 300 people and you cannot voice ot they think as the same or the local staff of shangrila would have all come out for the strike but not all were there….just disgusting

  10. Anywax….The strikers lost…..more people were terminated….in the end not only the 4 ppl….so what do you understand from this….whatever it is
    the government will alwax win….they have the power not 65 or 100ppl….so pls dont start any more strikes…it all comes down to one thing…eventhough we all learned it from our president his government suppressing all the strikers….what a load of shit…..

  11. excuse me? so what are they fighting for?

    look at the petition which the strikers sine

    it says vry clear we as staffs not happy with desicion on the 4 villa hosts to terminate them
    therefore we wil go for stike at 6pm (15.4.10)

    so what u sayin they are strikin for other reasons! what reasons?? right to strike is already accepted, other than that WHAT? and blame goes to them who had serius behaviour disturbin peace n order at the resort!

    what reasons u talkin bout girlie! “for gods sake”!

  12. solidarity.. they went on strike in solidarity with fellow workers. what’s wrong with that?
    As for Shangri la’s last decision, i think there is a very big possibility that the tribunal will overturn their decision and reinstate the workers. Shangri la or whoever they are not doing a favour to anybody. they are not here in charity for maldives. they came here to do business and they got business. as for locals they have no choice but to adhere to a 50 percent quota to employ locals which will soon be upgraded to 80%. So i salute all the workers. all the protesters who protested for a good cause. a 100percent clean worker who never commits a mistake is an imaginary figure they can never find.


  14. I guess it all started with the 4 Butlers….I think there is more to this than these 4 Butlers…Poor them as all the blame is going to them…but i dont think all these 65 people went on strike for the sake of these 4 butlers…Who are they to them…they are not even close with all these 65 people so why should all these people just went on strike…Big Propaganda I Guess…But What Ever It Is….It all Come To An END
    Nobody Won…Not Shangri-la Nor The Strikers….If They Won They Would Have Terminated All The 65 People But They Did Not….That Makes Me Respect Them More…The Strikers as Well…I Support Both Parties….

  15. i think they will sit at home as the same thing happens where ever they go…..terminate, terminate and terminate……..

  16. Atlas! Is the war stopped.Or did it??? Definitely that was massive one between employer and employees! Will the Fourteen guys will go to the Labour tribunal? What will happen?? Please do share your thoughts and comments!

  17. dhn othy te strike ai baiverivi addu hushehei kudhinah dhey oh naseyhathah..
    4 villa hostunaky kamah nethi kendi baakin ehthenna te strike jehsiyas mahsala neh..
    everinge gey everin nidha thibi ehthenna vacant room aki nidha nithibe.. dhn te vennah takai u guys men magah mahthe nukumi ada leviyas everin fahun te kamah handhanakas nihineheh.. everin adhi ehen thaankah geyas evenah job libiyeyheh.. mi addu meehun mehen maga mahtha thibey jeheynei.. ehnmei e 4 boa kehinah takai life barubaadhu nikoh te kan huhtalau…

    4 verin kendy kanda jehigun hama.. dhn kendi meehunas nala koh thibi ehthenna adha thibeynei job eh,. u men job in kendiyas ammu akas chammu akas ehen meehakas u men ge family balakah niyeyheh..

  18. We just WISH all of them the very best and again a fresh new begning.
    No hard feelings.Past is past will never wake up if move forward.Sorry for what has happen. U still have the right attitude to stand up your life and family.But remember u step on your feet. Time is bad but will come back to you.Work for it positively,life is short.Thank u always.

  19. shangri-la on strike over a playstation?? guys do you have the slightest idea of wot u sayin? they arnt been terminated due to ths playstation thng. they are terminated for disobeying the company’s rules.. for breaking the rules!! i beleive the management has taken the very right decision.. being a citizen of addu, i stand againt all those strikers.. guys u knw it well the managemnt decision wont be in your favor.. so why wasting time.. go nd do your work before the managemnt terminates you.. dhivehin bahun benafehey “fooneh faakah fen nifurei ethibeu”!!

  20. to those who are continuing strike – let it go guys.

    life goes on…people have jobs to keep and families to feed….the atoll has a lot to do to develop to its potential…herathera has to reopen and the atoll will boom with tourism just like the long dream now becoming a reality……. let your pride to rest and learn from this experience… pick up the pieces….find happiness and a new job elsewhere where you can be the best you can be….get up stand up, move on…….

    peace to all

  21. I hope all other resorts and especialy our COMPETITORS will take this opportunity very POSITIVELY and considerable. This is one of the biggest STRIKE ever had within the idustry,not comparing. However pls note SLMD has taken the very best decsion which all our staffs full support.We have full rights to fight for our rights but under the right circunstances with no VB. Shangr-La will always move forward and hit the biggest headlines WW under the legal low for both rights of humans and other relatives.

  22. oii tha firin higany hei kediganaa??? this 14 f***ers hama heyye thibi fehey tha finnah egeyha nun mithani occupancy 50% oh veylei janavaa raa men guest area ah aragan dhivvagathy??? shameless guys…. alifaan jahaa shaau ena keh thakaau keyfei.thimaa men haggu hoadhaa shaau….huh ….kon hagggah??? mithaanki nethaa ey human rights ah masakka keraa baakiya mithei thiby aailaa shaai abinnashaai dharinnah massakah keraa myhaaa…..of coz haggu hod dhiga nun maa ragalhaa shas…..bala kedimei kedyy… adhi everin kedy yas kamakaai laagan…this is too much guyz plz stop it….huh

  23. We salute SLMD Management for sticking out to their decision. Keep it UP! The resort will manage and do better without these 14 terminated people.

    For: Walid Wafeek,
    Next time if you would want to use other people’s name make sure you write the name correctly and make sure that your grammar is properly written. It’s such a shame on you!

  24. As far i know the 4 guys(villa hosts) + 10 son of mother bitches who took leader ship on this criminal labour dispute on goin on the last few days should fired befor the issue had happend..these buffalo”s used to create problms as usual always…heh….they cant do anything… ; :- )


    ADVICE: the 14 guys who were being kiked out from world wide company, guys stop blaming others for what u did . u guys are incomplete. so better stay away from the others locals futur. try to find nother job for u guys.

    QUICK INFORMATION FOR THE USERS WHO COMMENT AND THE VIEWERS….” the one who is commenting on this site in the name of WALID WAFIK is a fake ID… guys dont you guys feel ashamed of ur self to write in such as a rude way n a ridiculos english… reali i felt laugh by reading the poor standard english… go on you guys only have to stay n seperate the RUMORS..

    we both are 2 supports in SLMD managment

    1. hummmm now its the time to laugh!!!!How could u prove to me ur english is better than mine.anyway i dnt feel ashamed of what i wrote neither the poor standard of english! for sure u really think that u have done a great job here..Keep it up, you will be promoted as our new GM. work hard, u can do it!!

  25. Wafik Waleed // April 21, 2010 at 12:11 am | Reply

    …….After my heart attack I have a bad temper which even I cannot control my selfy.

    …sorry, but i just cant stop laughing!!! i wonder who is this funny guy, u made my day, bcos u cannot control your selfy!!!! LOL!!!

  26. great decision to the shangrila management! and to Mr Wafik Waleed, better put ur real name, or are you so ashmed of yourself you just have to use someone else’s name…!!! what a shit head!

  27. What an OUTSATNDING decision. The first and ever made and broadcast withing and outside the country. A sense in each single word.
    Shangr-La Maldives- Keep it up very well done.

  28. What an OUTSATNDING decision. The first and ever made and broadcast withing and outside the country. A sense in each single word.
    Shangr-La Maldives- Keep it up very well done.

  29. people are just making up stories….i guess anyone can go under any name,GEAORGE W BUSH,OSAMA BIN LADEN,DAVID BECKAM,OBAMA,
    The closest to the Maldives is Sri Lanka,there was internal wars inside for more than 20yrs but still tourits go there to enjoy their holidays…just 65 ppl on strike wont do anything insha allah…just bullshit stories….Maldives Will Alwax BE a NUMBER one Holiday Destination……i just dont understand ppl are making so many stories and using pples names…what the hell is wrong with ppl…

  30. OH MY GOD…….

  31. OH MY GOD…….

  32. Shangrila is a company which i anyone will be proud to be part of,..and i am glad that they had come to the maldives and helping out a lot of locals of addu….they are not only striving to excel the locals in the hospitality industry but also helping out a lot of locals in different ways,whether it is donation,or buying local products to use for the resort purposes.
    It is very sad whats happening today….no place will ever be perfect…no management will or can ever please evryone.How can any one do that….but i know for a fact that they are doing evrything that they can to adapt their policies and procedures in favour of the local community which i respect them for it…
    guys just move on….life can never be as easy and im sure we can all learn and no need to blame each other….for whats happening…
    Team on thier level i dont blame them as well,they are fighting for the rights of the local workers,this is not you or i but for all the workers…but i guess strike really have a negative impact
    The strikers they are not fighting for something bad….just their rights….when i read all the posts…its not all about these four butlers…they were the reason that it all started but i guess every local staff who is there on the strike they are standing for their own right….its nice to see maldivians sticking to each other but i guess we all are from the same place and we are all brothers and sisters…but their is division among us…this is really sad to see.
    some point in evrybodys life i pray that they get to go through this kind of situation then they will understand how it feels….especially for those people who used a lot of cruel words…
    Its no ones Fault and i dont blame the Shangrila management nor the strikers…the time is not just correct…Dear God Please Dont Let This Continue…Amen.

  33. what kind of management is shangrilla ,,,so far we though they r doing good,,but my bad,,,how can they terminate a staff by playing PS,,,sounds horrible ,,,,,,guys who are on strike we are with u ,,,,and let us know what we can do to help you guys,,,,,,

    1. im glad that you are not employed here in shangri-la, coz we dont another unprofessional, uneducated, and irresponsible employee like you. better keep stucked up in taj exotica and ask these “fantastic four” to apply for a job there. so you guys can play PS all together, go to a guest villa and eat guest left overs. what a shame to support such an unprofessional act.

    2. Well I dont think u r Taj Exotica. Dear concernd people of this blog let these STOP writing, n do something which they cannot right comments on others name.Please… Thank u.

    1. Is this means STAND aginst them and support SLMD. Pls be sure of what your saying. Some of u are with the management and some not.Which one is the right one dear competitors. Remember SLMD did the best dicision since ever opend.

  34. alila villas hadahaa staffs fully support TEAM and those who are on strike,,Guys keep up ur hard work to get ur position back and for sure u guys can do it with the help of TEAM,,,,,,,
    @shakeela ,,we have some jobs available in here Alila,,,would u mind applying coz we need some one like u to suck our maldivian blood,,,shame on u….

  35. Meedhoo kallaba groupe…. f****s we will
    come back to work there !!!!…. and huh u dont talk about the strike u guys never know wot is it so better keep your f***ing mouth shut…bllllllllllll

  36. Feydhoo… Y do v strike for u guys if the company regrets ur application that mean u r nt qualified. Well ! if ur qualification meets the Shangri-La Standard for sure they will hire u. Pitty u guys……….. Sorry to say that the one who has commented above as WAFIK WALEED if u r so intrested to comment pls write it correctly… stupid ppl using others name….

  37. i felt really happy about the descision….
    14 terminated
    27 final warning given
    62 return to work notice given….

  38. Shakeela i think you are not only angry about these four staff you are with the management….
    How Rude is that you Talk About some one you dont even know…especially your Remarks about the GM and His wife…just SHUT THE F***K UP…
    YOU of all ppl have no right to call people F***er or B**ch…I think if you were in there shoes and some one tells you all these names think you are that kind of person who will commit suicide and i thinnk you S***k BIG TIME.You are not only angry with these ppl think you are angry with the world…i dont think anyone deserve to get remarks from you you if are a man you son of a B**CH if you are a women B**CH…you deserve all this not them…
    advice to hebitch or she b**ch
    Take a breather…
    inhale exhale…this will help you to release that stress and anger…

  39. I call on all the faithful Maldivian Resort Workers..The decision has been made. A fair decision. All Maldivian are entitled to strike but they do not entitled to harm another employee of the resort, they do not entitled to harm the guest of the resort. They are not entitled to use guest room as their own house without permission. Those found guilty has been punished..

    The law is hard but it is the law..Respect it and follow it.

    It is a time to closed rank, it is a time to forgive. It is a time to move ahead and it is a time for Maldivian and Expat alike to work together again not only at Shagrila but all resorts everywhere in the Maldives.

    For the expat, you are not going to be here forever…pass on your knowledge of knows how and pass on your skills to all the Maldivian staff. Train us well and teach us to move forward as we will be here forever. We will lead the industry to the next height and we need those skills that you must willingly pass down to us. Show us how to be a great leader in the future.

    For my fellow Maldivian, Learn well, strike for more knowledge of management skill and not for violent. Knowledge will not come in one day or one year..its take a long long time..In 10 years or more we will one day be the leader and department head of all international run hotels chain. Before we demand all this luxury benefits that those expat have..we must gain their knowledge first, maybe in one day, we will move on to other countries and become other countries top management. We will look back and laugh at our stupidity action like the “fantastic four” had done.

    fellow Maldivian, we will gain the respect we well deserve if we work hard and learn well. Top management will hear our story if we are a well respect and well perform employee, we do not speak when it is not require and we are in nthe wrong but when we do speak, we speak of just and fair , with this people will hear us. This is what we Maldivian has to bear in our mind..I hope my humble message get through to all of you, not only for those people who recently went on strike but to all maldivians who are working in the resort industry…I am signing off for now…good luck and good bye..

  40. SLMD Keep it up dont let it go like that.Now they doing that for no way to go.All they can see is BLOCKS. Shamed to call we are from Addu.Check CNN ireport.157 staff on a STRIKE over a play staion. This is the most uniq thing u four did in ur life.I wonder what is your next target is.

  41. the memo is out… n there are several names missing from the list of the people that are requested to come back to work.

    wots the action to be taken against them?

  42. you guys did the mistake, so better accept the mistake . was shocked to heard that four senior staffs did such a stupid thing. for my concern thats something illegal you guys doin. let others get their futur.=P

  43. right ! y didnt u guys strike on it ! i mean when resort rejet the appilications ! u guys are 100% crazy i sure these 4 buggers will not be there when the others make a strike on some better 4 feydhoo ! we gave u 24 hrs, time is running if u guys dont leave the place we will start to strike in front of ur houses ! u crazy buggers !

  44. addu is here to give 24 house u gys who are stupit strike ! if u didnt stop we will strike agains u ! stop stop ! the 4 fukers can play games ! thats will be the best job addu can offer u ! home less buggers !

  45. in this case we will not joing TEAM ! we are members but this is not right thing to do ! as we undustand the guys are been terminated becase of there fault ! they just unprofetional !

  46. WOW!!! Just browsing to find my next holiday destination and got here accidently…I am amazed by some of the comments on this seemingly obvious case here. I can not believe my eyes to see all these abusive and hateful words (some of them very ignorant). Addu is definitely not in our plan now, not even sure if we want to go to Maldives anymore. I had no idea Maldivians can be this violent. What a shame, such a beautiful country.

  47. hehe, these guys are the strike creaters in most of the resort past ! they want run a resort like a goverment elected GM, elected manager ! it will not happen ! also i dont think the wokers on this industry is such stupid ! 99 pecent will nt joing on this ! cox u guys nt fighting fr rights ! ur just fighting fr to gain a game ! u fukers create a nice word ! mistake ! do u guys know what dose it mean ! it mean without knowing u did sm tin ! but u guys doing such things to show that ur smart !

  48. m so sorry guys… I am the one who created this.I really want you guys to come back and we all work as a team.After my heart attack I have a bad temper which even I cannot control my selfy.Guys, you were wrong.Villa Hosts are worth to bring them back.They are the reason of getting repeat clients…Me and my team are ashamed of the decission we made, the reason behind was that bloody Jaques David.Otherwise I would have finnished this incident without knowing anyone. I feel guilty of the mistake which i have done.I hope you guys will forgive me.

    1. Well u can wright anything under anyones name in this blogs. We already know this is not from Mr. Wafik Waleed. Stupid this one of u.

  49. morons think they own the resort! What?? you think you have the right to sleep in the guest room for what reason?? because ur too high in rank in to share facilities wid otthr staff?? who are you? the GM’s boss?!?! idiot moronic boys what a shame to maldivians!

    hassan shaaz
    ahmed faiz – ammu
    ahmed waheed
    asadh hassan

    you will never get decent job again! the whole country will knw of ur stupidity!

    suggewt you work as PS technicians instead!??? maybe then someone will hire you!

  50. On behalf of the dewalker family, I wud like to applogized to the shagrila mangement. we are sorry to cause truble to you for the strike, for the attacking of guest villa and for the attacking of staff bus.

    thre are a lot of walker family who are very bad person, who only want to fight . these member are always jelous of maldivian manager who got promotion. We had a Asst Director of HR before and this member are jelos of him and put his picture on facebook and ask people to kill him. this HR left and now we have no maldivian deparment head. . I don’t want to be part of this member and I ask all the member to stop strike and stop violent against shagrila management.

    I ask shangrila management not to take back the 4 villa host and not to take back all this protester bcose of our safety. we the hard working maldivian did not join them and if they come back, they will revenge on us like they do to the asst Director of HR. we the hard working maldivian need shagrila manegment to protect us from all this violent. we will support the manegement by working hard and you know we always working very hard. So now shagrila mangment have to prove to us that they support us also by not taking those protest people back.

  51. hahaha…very interesting read up there…one group all against shangri-la, and the other group all for shangri-la….

    guys, just think…would all of you have jobs if it was not for shangri-la deciding to open a resort there? How much was the service charge each of you got during the peak occupancy months? Would you have got the same, or close to it, working in equator or heretherea/handufushi?

    How many of you have actually come out of your nutshell and worked out of Maldives, in International chains? Maybe some of you are good workers, and sadly, have to pay the price that your other anti-shangrila colleagues are costing addu atoll in general.

    I saw Shangrila develop from a piece of coconut land, to the resort it is today. How many of you dare to tell me, that most maldivians, if not your family directly, your relatives/friends, have not benefitted from the increased business opportunities, not only from the hotel, but also from the tourists who now flock to the pristine, untouched waters of villingili???

    Lets not be narrow minded and look only at profitability of adduans…think of maldives as your country…there have been so many international hotels, in maldives for donkey years..why didnt anyone else venture into the waters of addu, to develop the land and people there? Simply because, historically and politically, adduans are well-known for aggression, and in any other resort, often times, adduans are the trouble-makers. This is a name that Adduans themselves have created and sadly, it has tarnished the image of the atoll. Shangri-la is not responsible for this my dears….its us, adduans who are responsible for this…

    SLMD will not be the beautiful resort it is today, if the General Manager, had not pushed and pressured some people to complete the job and open the resort. Isn’t this resort, a 17 or was it 30-year dream of adduans? Who made this a reality for you? God? Its the current GM whom you curse, swear and condemn with so much hatred, forgetting, that had it not been for him, you would not even be employed with such a prominent luxury hotel chain. Amongst, us maldivians, there have been some excellent role models who have studied and developed themselves in other shangri-la properties…have a chat with them, and ask them what any other shangri-la overseas is like.

    I do hope all this bickering stops soon…cos when tourists read all this, chances are they will stop coming to such a horrendous atoll, with horrendous people living on it 😦 That means, down goes our service charge, down goes our business opportunities, and down goes our employment opprtunities…when eveyrthing is down, all will be back to square one…and i guess, if shangrila decides to take its business to other places where people are more appreciative of their efforts in developing them, we have nobody else to blame, but ourselves…

    take care my lil darlings…grow up and prove yourselves as reliable and capable ADULTS of Addu Atoll…

    PS: If you want others to start taking you seriously, start performing seriously…absenteeism, insubordination, stealing, fighting, abusive language, is not the marks of any hotelier….

  52. Lucky such an outstanding world wide company Shangri-La is located in with you in your farm. OPOSIT resorts like Herethera OMG. I agreed, yes the company is truely an OUTSTANDING organization. Now Im 100% sure thouse who r in the strike are now regret for what the hell they did. U askd for sufer,so u get it and suffer it.

  53. Villa hosts are nice people most of them, Shangri-la cannot expect them to work 14-16 hours a day, plus “voluntary” work, and then complain when they try to relax. Shangri-la need to adjust the labour expectations for employees level 4 and 5 to the rewards, pay and accomodation the give them.

  54. salhi ey salhi ey, ehkala Shangri-La in vazeefaa nulibunu kudhin kolhu mithaa dhoa miulhenee ? Uneducated illiterate nama emeehunnah ves ingeyne dhoa…..

    1. I just wonder how LITTERL u r? Dont know how to talk to people formaly.Daffut, fight for your rights u need get education at the first stage.
      Shangr-La, do u have any idea about this hotel chain.No u dont know anything.U’ll never sit on top of them.So put some super glue on your mouth so u’ll never ever open it against the rights.

  55. Soon an end will come to this fantastic four..we hope they will take this like a gentlement or they can take it like a hooligan. With all this comotion going on and on, the only person that loose out in this are the Maldivian…Shagrila will always be there and they will not loose out in anything but with Shagrila stop the investment to Addu, who will loose out? It is not very hard to figure it out.

    “truth” has demand that they have the rite for the job, they have the rite to sleep in the guest villa at anytime they want to, they have the rite to play any games, eat anything in the villa. What is the general public in Maldives think? Do they have to rite to do that? What happen if they join your property as one of your staff, would you accept this behavior? Would you say that they have the rite to eat, sleep and play anything in your property, all because they are supervisor and they have the rite to this property because some how someone owe them this “special benefits” Would the general public in Maldives agree to this? I strongly urge the general public of Maldives make a voice to hear, make a comment in this site..Would you allow this to be happened to your property? Do they have the rite for behaving in your property?

    You can be another rank & file staff, you can be the manager, would you allow your friends, your peers, your staff to do such a thing? Voice out, Speak up, let see if Maldives in general share the same view of “truth” or not.

  56. Shangri-La ON Strike.Understanding the fact please to inform that the dead line for the answer is today 18:00hrs. After that we will start the industrial strike with the full support of TEAM.This will be our next step after 6days of strike.its all up to the managment to make it worst or smooth.
    Thank You all for the good comments.

    1. WOW now acting like HEROES. Is this what u have learn from your teachers and parents.Especialy our Prophit Mohamed.Idiots DEATH is next to us.U go there n u will b make the final desion.First u will b askd did u pray five times.They will never ask did u enjoy STRIKE.First gain respect,then move ahead.What ever disicion comes from SLMD no matter what will happen, u four duds will never ever gain respect if u dont know how to gain it from us or anyone else any where u locate in this WORLD. B it in ur mind.

  57. Hello Viewers,

    There are staffs are making bullshit the company by making a big story , these huge property did a big mistake was they started a property in addu, they had choose a wrong place, and the villa host are worthless in shangrila resort they never take care of guest once the guest check in they will be there and while check out they will be there to get the tips like a beggers and the information they are giving to guest are wrong information especially about the restaurant opening hours and opening timings and therefore if the guest got with her a good daughter then these villa host will take care more and they will try to f–k the girl, and they try to steal fromm guest villa and what ever they left over they all take it to their home thats why all villa host they are bringing the big bags u can notice all the four who fired from the shangrila were always carry bags, Then next about the Room division manager she used to too freindly with the staffs thats why they take more advantage they shit on their job, and also they dont bother abt the guests needs if the guest request for any special fruits they wont check in the kitchen they will directly say that its not available, in the meanwhile to go to shop and they will smoke they will tell to their coleagues that they went to search the fruits for the guests and also they dont have a prorper grooming standard they all look like a bangladesh beggers and they never take shower they use more perfume and they dont have a manners what suppose to do after smoking they will go direct to the guest without any precautions from that, and next about the ladys staff who works in villa host they all supports they f–cking Butler, becuase they f–k them and they reduce their works and still there are lots of complain especially about the Ammu this f–ker has been fired from the previous property thats why he dont have a guts to show his face, if he is a geniune person , the company has fired him from the job then still he is staying in company, he dont have a manners unless if he is not working for the company how can he stay in the compnays property, and the management was scared to these f–king bullshit they never work in a resorts i hope, these much advantage they taken because of the management decision, last time they fired a waiter and they start gathering to make a strike then the higher management scared of these people and they given the job to the f–ker. All the management staffs are worhtless they do no how to run a property , they have power bu not using they are begging the loacl community, Even these people dont have proper education they are doing like these things if they couldnt have educated they act to smart more then the Gm, And one more things why they r not fireing the gm he completed his 2 yrs contract still why he is seervaying, i think like this cool job he wont get in his life, thats why he is not going if he is a geniune like sebastin, Raj. These fuker also have to resign and go, becuase he is enjoying with the chinese bitch, he is getting more commision form all the other outlets which is contracted for the shangrila.

    Unless u dint take a write decision these property will never improve it wont come up, may be it will be a day dream that u r tellling at the orientaion” Best resort in Maldives” its now “Worst resort in Maldives” try to change in the handbook, so that next genration could no more about this, U can more comitements and all Levels are suppose to be one and all higer authorities has gone to the departments they ask u have any quereis , no body will open their mouth , u have go and ask in personally so that u can get more quereis, ther are no restrication in the, first give training for the staff how to behave in front of the guest especially to the villa host, these peple are not villa host they are villa ghost, they look ugly with long hairs and beared they all wasting the company money by getting huge salary.

    And getting a bad reputation for the company, like Chinese guest came they wont take care atall because they wont pay more tips thats why they wont give extra care, and at last they will tell we dont no the language,

    Shangrila was wasting the huge amount by sending training to the other property its not true they went there and learn what all the bad habbits in the hotel they will learn and they act like that, better they could have put money in the Maldives beach like investing a huge amount n opening a resort.

    – Lost Horizon

    Bullshit managemt team members and staffs.

    1. Shakeela@ Who the hell are you to talk about the Villa Hosts like that? Are you one of those ?Villa hosts are working hard to make the guest satisfied in anyway they could, with a minimum of resources they have got to do their job.If you dont know listen B’stard… you all agree it’s a 5 Star luxury resort. I do agree too. But only the property it self… The service in general it’s a disaster…you may have heard when they started SLMD competitors are O&O,Soneva,W,Banyan, So on.. But the truth is we are at the same level of Herethere.Their are not enough bicycles, their is no ice bucket, their is no proper tools given to do the job properly..however the Villa hosts does the job at maximum to serve the guest with limited resources they have got…yes only an influencial mouth…Even u dont believe management of SLMD including SLIM agrees that the VH are hard workers among the team.You guys are brain washed by some stupid Maldivians arround you!…Dosent matter how this would end…we stand for the rights, including you idiots. Look, when the buggy incident of Frances, we all stand with her to fight for her rights..But today where is she?? This is how you guys treat ur colleagues.Shame on you…FRANCES. …I tell you again, this is Maldives, Strike is a minimum we could do to fight for our rights, lets keep the rest as a secret that u may get a heart attack!!All the guys on the island is Jealous to see the Villa Host team, the only team who works as a team…eat together,help each other…so u guys should not be surprised to see 4 of them checked the PS.The unitiy of VH team is strong that no body could play with them.It’s not an infuelntial by individual staff, but as a team.Dont be jealous with the amount of money they make..m sure u also want to get but,u were not selected b’coz u are not suitable for that post…If you look in to the team,they all are handsome and good looking. So u cannot even beat VH team in are also jealous with our female staff.huh!!! they will not take any of you but VH,coz they are better looking… Any way m not here to challenge you…. but to tell you who we are.So you better go to a level of you to challenge…you can’t

      1. Shuch a SHAME u writing these stories under others names.I can 100% guarenty this is not from Mr. Wafik-The Resident Manager-SLMD.
        If u dont know how to work on such things then write on your assssssssss atleast we will know that asssssss is belongs to u.ha..ha.

  58. We live in a global environment, all countries big or small need expertise to run their economy, they hire people based on qualifications and experience. End result, the economy strives and everyone benefits. We Addu people have benefited a lot after the opening of Shangri-La, not only in terms of money but exchange of ideas and more business opportunities. Think of the long term benefits… Alas! But few people like these butlers and their supporters don’t understand these basics.
    Few selfish and illiterate hooligans are trying to politicize this issue and bring bad name to Addu and Shangri-la. Its time, we peace loving Addu people strike against them and tell them they are not welcome.. We are not afraid of you… think about the future of your own children..

  59. feydhoo u think that u get revenue only frm the expatriate who rents the houses? Shame on u guys……. I belive that u guys better go for more details n then talk u. How many of u applied shagrila n dnt get opprtunities think abt it… U all r stupid. The 4 villa host r the most hard working guys in the resort. Ppl who comented above feel jelous ….. Still v fight for the right jst a comment doent matter for them.

  60. we are here to give you 24 house to leave the place ! becase of you feydhoo plp loss lots of things ! reputation , rents from houses, shoping market ….etc

  61. what a hopeless butler,are your family so poor that you are eating left overs, is there no food in shnagrila that you have to do that,now i feel so embarassed and ashamed,the people of addu are not so desperate as you and your group, we can still eat proper food that we do not steal and if that is the wy your mind works, it is even a wonder they hired you,to think you are so high you dod nto wan to use same room as other staff? u think u deserve to use guest facility? oh my what a hopless case! even with all this problems that comes up becasue of your stupidity, and still beggingfor your job.oh man! instead of bveing sorry for your mistake, you already convince yourself it is your right, to do what you want,man! you should be killed! you and the likes of you are the embarassment of our country,i really hope shangrila close, then we all go back to simple life and let the greedy, lazy and lying morons like you starve, anyway you can beg around since you like eating left over food.

  62. Baby boys…. let me tell you onething.. if you really want to fix that PS you could have done that in the guest villa who hv requested for it…

    WOW you mean to say you were enjoying the ride huh?

    Hehe your level….?????

    Dude??? Do you think it’s your dad’s resort… to do what ever you want… and how can you say you want the job???

    Let’s see…. m sure Shangri-La can go on without you cheap peoples….

  63. mistake ! wat grate word ! so tommorow by mistake you will sit on GM table to operate the resort ! i am really sorry for every thing ! but the game you 4 guys are playing is over ! to others on srike you not fighting for our childrens benifits ! you just there becase you think the TEAM can do lots for you guys ! but i dont belive it , as we can see the past TEAM didnt do any thing gud for us ! To: zakir please follow the law ! constitiutional question please go the trybunal they will get you back ! on road you cant do it ! we have laws for these matters ! thank you

  64. as one of the butlers in question I still believe that there is nothing wrong with going to a villa to check the PS unit to make the guest happy. after all it is our promise to give extra mile on our guests

    why the door was locked and dnd was on? – we need to lock the door for your information because we dont want any disturbance coz we need to finish the job right away as it is of utmost importance and urgency. we are the only ones as butlers who KNOW the needs of guests and you dont.

    and also dont judge us for being all there four of us as we really do need each other’s help to fix the playstation, like you said we are not technicians who are skilled to fix these things

    and as for the food and drinks we were just eating food that a guest left behind! that is not stealing and i dont see whats wrong with eating that food and using the guest plates, cutlery and other things. we are not stealing them just borowing.

    and as for the sleeping on the bed we perfectly have a right to sleep on these beds because the split shift rooms provided to staff are just for the level 5 staff how do you expect us level 4 supervisors who are more superior than them to stay in the same place? you should give us rooms suited for our level! this is a case of discrimination of the resort.

    and as for my job i want it back and i will not do the playstation thing ever again but if you dont hire us back you will regret it shangrila!!! and to the others who are against us im being very serious.

    1. truth, i feel asame to say that you are a butler from where and how you got training to become a butler???? 4 of yours butler system will bankrupt a company or an employer who hire you as butlers. your are so irresponsible and dishonesty. You guys are not butlers you are buglers.

  65. the development of addu has been a great dream of our forefathers. unfortunately if this is continued, addu will be a ghost town where tourists will never want to come. adduans will be perceived as difficult employees – violent, unreasonable, uneducated. Not peace-loving and hospitable as the majority of us are. No respectable company will want to invest in our atoll ever again because of the repercussions of these poor actions from some bad boys in the community.

    thank you for doing this to our atoll and our children’s future. You have selfishly tarnished our people and our land irreversibly.

    1. I agree that a community’s economic development also relies on the business sector where business men invest in so much to bring in economic growth and have both the business men and the community profit from such investment. should local employees be hired, it is respect that the local employees adhere to the internal policies and regulations of the employer, where in when the employees were hired, the employers have invested their trust to these people. I am sure that an organization as huge a Shangrila has procedures concerning guest requests and have proper outlet to implement any guest request. Do not take it against the company that you employees were dismissed, you should very well know that being trusted as butlers you are also aware of how guest requests should be handled. I just wonder, if the guest did request for a playstation, and none was available in the property, shouldnt you as a butler , inform your management that a guest has requested for such item , and being galant that you are, should have informed your management that you are willing and able to lend your property to the guest? Did your playstation go through the proper security check before bringing it to the resort that you work for? I actually believe that there is a policy on staff bringing in personal equipments to a SHangri-la property. If indeed the guest borrowed a playstation, being a butler that you are, should have tested the item before giving it to the guest and actually should have it ready for use in the guests’ villI believe you and your friends were not stripped of your rights but simply relieved from duty for not following your employers protocol, you need not be a service leader to know what should/could not be done in an establiment that is not yours. Ignorance is not an excuse to any law. If there were no tourist spots or destinations in your island, do you think it would prosper, or are you just content to let your island remain unknown for what it can offer. Please educate yourself and your friends about the hospitality industry as well as running a business then i would believe you will understand good governance and judgement. The same goes for those who mistreats and those who barged a strike with you and not really understanding why.

  66. Put yourself in to a very careful consideration b4 u say a single word against SLMD.We can see your behaviours towards our new generations.Pls dont do this.Yes u have the privileg to fight for your rights BUT not like that do it in a professional way.”Shangr-La on STRIKE over a play staion” Who is responsible for this title? Who break the reputaion who destroy the authority and who we are at the first stage? “Lets tight THE END n live free on our forehead”. Crap dig its hole on its size not bigger then that, so can we human apply the same.Thank you n bless u all.

  67. Hehehe! yea you are the villa host i agree with that.. but i don’t agree that you take care of the villa and all are your responsibility…

    Tell me if any thing get damage from the villa do you take the responsibility or management take care of it…. infect you don’t bother about the villa when guest check out from there….

    and another story… hehehe
    why the hell guests would request you people to arrange a PS for them during their stay.. i am damn sure if they need something like that they would have requested to reservation to arrange before their arrival… from morning to evening we do guest requests and we know if any one want such a thing they can request before their arrival to the hotel….

    OK OK … lets agree you brought the PS up on guest request.. but i wanna as some few question ….
    1. I am sure you inform everything to your HOD. why the f—k you did not mention your HOD about it ??

    2. If that PS have some problem why you did not check in front of the guest in his villa… what makes you to go another vacant villa?

    3. If you really need to check that PS why you did not ask permission from your HOD or your DM?

    Well i must say you guys did a very funny thing and now making damn funny story…

    but i don’t like the melodrama that you guys are playing.

    i guess you better piss off from there :):):)

  68. well, most of the ppl dont know anything… thats the problem with us Maldivians, just try to find out the truth before you speak. Dont want to say anything more…

  69. Seen all the comments and well read, i understand that a lot of people are against the 4 guys, 4 guys DOES include their supervisor as well, i am not defending anybody, the 65 never went to a guest villa at 3am, anyone who knows and seen the island will know that the way to the staff jetty is through guest area and just 25 – 40 feet away from the nearest guest villa, you just cannot access any guest villas from the road, you have to go in through a pathway to even see the villa gate, the 4 staff does accept their mistake, so why doesnt the management? Can all of the above ppl read the Employment Act and the Shagri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa Handbook? if you guys dont have, contact me, I have got copies of both. Good Luck brothers and I hope there will be a solution soon to this fight for rights.

  70. shamha . i support u on this , the 4 guys must not come back to work in shangrila ! others can joing but should be punished !

  71. Above story are twisted..Put on your common sense..would you go into a guest villa, double lock the villa, put on a DND sign just to test the console? Is one console need to be tested by 4 staff? Is one have to cook food and test the console…By the way, why is no one making the news of these butler beat up the housekeeping staff and make death message to the housekeeping staff. Why is no one making the story of these 65 staff run into the guest villa at 3am and tryng to do harm to the guest? Is TEAM encourage violent against other staff and the guest and support violent activities all around the resort to harm the visitor that come here? These are the important thing all of us have to consider if we want maldives to move forward.

  72. Dear poor maldivians, pls you should know who you are u cant do any thig without help of rest of word so batter respect other and get respect. u know in few years there will be no maldives hehe so batter for u learn how to work, not how to test play station

  73. what a moron! you can kill anybody you want from shangrila as long as you also kill the 4 person who started all this and now involve 65 stupid people, who are supporting the lazy b—-s who want to play, while comapny is paying them to work and not try out the guests room.people like you makes me ashame. you threaten and condemn but dont you notice they still want to work for shangrila, where is your brain man! you want to cut the hand of the people feeding your people, as i am sure the money used to buy the famous playstation, come from the guests sleeping on the bed that were used to rest during their duty time.what labor law are you talking about, we want to be protected but we also want to break the law if it does not suit us, stop embarassing the people of addu and the dignity of this island, you do not know the meaning fo the word!if youn all do not stop this craziness nobody will come here and the whole world will know what kind of morons are living here

  74. heheh ! wat is labour ? wat is law ? i dont think TEAM create any law they are finding a way to come to politics ! we can see a example frm citizen majilis ? eysa ? hehehe

  75. Well, who ever it is there is no way a staff should be using guest villas as per any resorts policy and this butlers seems so irresponsible and dishonesty. i would say the management took the best decision. other wise tommorow instead of guests all the staffs will start to sleep inside the guest villas. if there is something which staff needs for any recreational activity it should be requested from the management and solution needs to come up.

  76. The Maldivian who have done this should be jailed so they dont harm another resort and destroy the image of the locals. Your country is amazing place, imagine lots of people all over the world would like to come and visit your islands and yet you dont appreciate the beauty already in your hands. I believe this is not Maldivian Hospitality.

  77. This is for “STAFF” “ALI” and “ZAHIL” who has commented above! I was thinking a lot about what all you have said, i came to only ONE conclusion! which is you are resort management staff trying to be ordinary people (what i mean by ordinary people is the guys/girls who work hard, truthfully and they have honesty in them!). So back off!! and don’t write unnecessary comments in here! In my view Shangri-la Should be KICKED OUT from Maldives. And talking about TEAM, it seems you don’t know anything about them. Because of them ONLY there’s something called a LABOR LAW in Maldives now(even if it’s not not working properly as we have a crippled Government). So please keep your dignity while still you can and BACK OFF!!

  78. if they are back to work we will strike again them ! to terminate them as soon we can ! we dnt trust any one there !

  79. You stupid Idiots, Saying we support Management. The thing is you never had the experience and the guts to do their job thats why you guys were never able to be at that post. Now again even if they go back they have nothing to be ashamed of. It is their job to be in that Villa and about TEAM they are great. you know why ? One of you stupid bastards may have been one them to be dealt that way than you would have understood. Now I am not asking you cunts to understand. I am not a member of them but no even a worker of that resort but I am a maldivian. people like you are selling this country to expats. Yes that housekeeping Manager should have been killed. As I heard there were no food but empty plates or what ever. Given that Villa was never cleaned after a week of guest departure. Kill him guys. Burn the Resort if it comes to that. PS experts. Play it well my brothers.

    1. nah u are a member of team. No body else would use words like “c___s” and so on other then the really well behaved members of team. Do u know that even ILO delegates who came down to maldives for meetings were talking abt how unprofessional and disrespectful those guys from TEAM are.? what a bunch of low life thugs

  80. Oh!!!! that’s so interesting…
    You idiots came up with another sucking story???? You guys can only make fool for those who don’t know the real stories, but not for us who know the truth. These people have been doing these childish things for so many days and thank god that they received the award they deserve.I wonder for what reoson they are holding such big big position? you should be a great hero for the whole Villa Host team. I wonder what is the use of going to a vacant villa so secretly by double locking the door and putting the villa on DND while we have our staff lounge and IT department for these kinds of things? Isn’t that funny to hear that some of our colleagues went to the room to check the PS and were cooking, eating and sleeping in the villa!!! And I feel so please to tell you that, us who are with the shangri-la mangement will never ever join you for such stupid things…..You may be brought back again but who will trust you? Don’t you feel ashamed?….PS Techinichains!!!!!

  81. This sounds to me like an excuse…If these guys were to use the vacant villa for testing…They should have gotten a permission from the chief butler…At least a manager is informed and permission is given…and another thing is…why can’t they test the playstation in the villa of the guest that requested the playstation?

  82. If that is even remotely true, it’s amazing that it takes four able-bodied men to test a simple play station unit. Four grown men, plus cooked food and drinks they consumed. Smells like a party if you ask me….

  83. Yes you were just testing the playstation I am sure. And why not test the vacant beds too. And also beat up the resident manager if you feel like it. Then if you get fired…just go to the thugs at TEAM. They will help u organize a strike. The only thing TEAM does it organize strikes…they are just jealous of resort operators for some reason? I wonder what…not so hard to guess…they will not admit this but thats what it all comes down to!!!!

  84. different stories at different time!!!! being one of the guy who was terminated while playing playstation in a vacant villa, i would love to share you all what happened.
    As we are butlers and the villas are under us, its us who take all the responsibilities which happen to the villa.
    it was another guest who wanted to have a playstation to play while on holiday, the guest requested to have a playstation arranged till he leave. my colleague brought his own personal playstation from home to villingili to give it to the guest as their is no playstation available in the island to borrow for the guest in the villa.
    once it was given to the guest, the guest mentioned that the playstaion was not working properly and then we had to take it to another place where we can test we do not have staff rooms given to us and no tv available for us to test it.
    and we thought of having test it in a vacant villa. while we were testing it in the villa, a house keeping service manager inform to the security that some staffs are singing and dancing in the room. immediately security manager and the duty manager came in with few more security guards. this is all what happened.

    did we do anything wrong to dismiss?

    1. Can “truth” explain about beating up the housekeeping manager and sending death message to the housekeeping manager. Can “truth” explain about the cooking and sleeping in the villa.

  85. I believe that the 4 employees should be terminated as per the employment act of Maldives and Shangri-La note book. I think it’s a shame for Maldivian employees who are striking about this matter! As the position of these 4 employees, they should be sample for other staff who is working with them! Service leader what does it means? It dozen mean who makes party? It means a responsible person for service!

    1. the employment act is adamant that staff cannot be fired on the spot for a one-time mistake except on very serious cases such as perceived imminent danger to property or people, dishonesty etc.

  86. I believe that the 4 employees should be terminated as per the employment act of Maldives and Shangri-La note book. I think it’s a shame for Maldivian employees who are striking about this matter! As the position of these 4 employees, they should be sample for other staff who is working with them! Service leader what does it means? It dozen mean who makes party? It means a responsible person for service!

  87. Mrs. Leslie Garcia, Director of Communication, Shame on you,being the dir of communication your giving the wrong information to media.. where is the shangri-la 5 core values, you don’t fit in those 5 core values.. Please don’t give false hope to those school students who visits the resort…

  88. Proud of the Local Maldivians who are not only fighting for their Rights but For All The Locals In Addu…Saabahey Thikuraa Hihvarah…Especailly the Landscaping Ladies ,take them as an example and an inspiration,..You Have Truly Succeded in Showing that One Team One Way Is NOT JUST A have applied it…Shame on Shangri-la Villingili Management…

  89. Hey brothers and sisters who work in Shangri-la,,,
    let kick them out from there and we (Addu Atoll People) we can do better then any others around the world,,cox we have quality people there and proudly we can say the people who started this industry was 100% share on us,,we Addu Atoll People our parents worked very hard to develop this industry from 1970,,,so now this is the rite time to fights for our children s who will work there next,,if we let em to do what ever they like and watch those will not help our nation ,,,,,so everyone WAKE UP and be part of our team who fights for our rites,,,,we will win..

    1. “kicking out” is a little bit too harsh a language as we shall strive to be more accommodating of others. Tolerance is also very important for the health of the nation. However the problem of an unusually higher number of expatiate labour in the country is caused by unregulated policies of the previous government which hopefully will be brought to line in a few more years. The government shall provide adequate protection for the people of the country to be able to seek employment in all sectors so as to solve the unemployment crisis throughout the country which is fueling instability and all sorts of anti-social problems. Every responsible government tries to protect its own citizens first and address their needs first.

  90. Yeah, poor Maldivian youth stuck in a resort job. While you are at it, why don’t you have a free meal at Javv’u and visit the Chi Spa for a free massage?


  91. Shangri-la has always been known in Maldives as ruthless organization for the local staffs. The whole situation escalated just because Resident Manager wanted to protect the Security Manager who verbally abused the staff putting his hand on them. Yes the staff did a mistake. but for the Management that was not the issue. The issue is they are locals. Even the Guest History Manager mentioned that locals are not required as they can run the resort without the locals. I am very proud of the locals staff who are fighting for the rights not only for them but for all the locals. If things goes on likes this the local community should soon get involved.

  92. even though they are not on duty they just can’t go into a vacant room and occupy it. iuf the management allows this kind of behaviour goes on the next thing will be the staff may start sleeping in vacant guest rooms.. staff you should follow the resort rules..

    1. Assuming staff are zombies.. yes. But staff in general will know how much of liberty they can take from an employer under some conditions. The more restrictive and repressive the employer is, the more liberties are taken. In the current situation the employer is seen to be over-reacting which should have been checked.

  93. I just don’t understand this situation? Its kind of Funny with the holly management. Can be called a RIDICULOUS ACT BY THE SHANGRI-LA MANAGEMENT. According to the JOB description of the Shangri-la staffs, No Staff could be terminated from their designation without 5 warning, ie: 3 by letters and 2 by wordings giving them a chance to be well disciplined. BUT HERE IS HAS GONE AGAINST THE AGREEMENT. This is so ridiculous and very irrespective behavior by the Management of Shangri-la.
    Playing a game isn’t a misbehavior. SURELY THEY WERE NOT IN DUTY!!!

  94. over a play station?? LOL that’s funny.. but how can they terminate the staff just like that?
    After all this things, where’s the concerned authorities? Where’s the labor law? where’s the labor tribunal? where’s the TEAM (Tourism association of Maldives)?? And Shangri La? one of the very famous hotel chain around the world! Shame on them.

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