politicizing everything…

The former government politicized football. So much so that footballers were made stars overnight and for every goal they scored or every match they won, huge sums of money were lavishly poured over the team. The effect of politicizing football did not go well if the results of the latest international matches our teams participated in, were any indicator. The summit of football madness was when former president Maumoon used the football trophy for his campaign which saw the trophy and some team players went on island hopping for each island just to let the islanders take a pic with the trophy. That was when everybody was calling on everyone else to cut cost and to economize for a better future.

Coming back to the present, the same mistakes are being repeated by the current government in a different way. This time its about music and the government taking an ill advised stand on one side of the issue. Its about some controversial foreign musician being invited to perform in the country and the government increasingly coming under fire from a sizable majority which is only calling for respecting their views and culture. The correct way for the government would be not to antagonize and further polarize an already restless situation and always make an effort to be seen as a seeing and a listening body rather than a dictating one from a high pedestal. It used to be everything in the past and now its about ultra liberal secularism which is bound to bring clash of cultures to the front.


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