Using staff as window dressing..

Some common practices such as  signing of contracts between two companies etc are associated with archaic practices which nobody seems to be bothered about. The pic above shows the ceremony of signing security contracts between defense ministry and airports company attended to by two female employees one of whom is evidently irritated to have been called on to wait on the gentlemen signing whatever they signed. Usually what will happen is the two gentlemen will sign all the pages on both of those folders and the “employees-in-waiting” will take those folders somewhere inside the office and disappear. The gentlemen will rise from their seats with big smiles on their faces and shake hands for the camera following some little speech about how they expect to be happy with the arrangements. Now the question is what is the big need of using two female employees unnecessarily to wait on them for the occasion? The gentlemen appears to be perfectly healthy and the folders and papers do not seem to be excessively heavy.. so why cannot they keep the folders on the table till the ceremony ends and take the folders inside the office themselves when the media and everyone is gone? In this new labour ruled times, it certainly makes sense to lessen the amount of time staff are retained in office without work to ease pressure on the budget to which the president has already called for a couple of times. Also imagine the unnecessary preparations those female employees would have to go through knowing their picture will be captured in the media.. Things like cosmetics are of course a drain on earths scares resources but how much of those will be used for the fluke of a moment thing?

Short of condemning this archaic practice, we at the Maldivesresortworkers call upon the employers to refrain from such excessive aggrandizement of their work and to respect the workers as fellow human beings. The workers are there not as a “garnish” or as a window-dressing… The workers are also fellow human beings who expects rational works be assigned to them. We also ask the employers to respect gender equality and not to use female employees as waiting girls for their little ceremonies.

6 thoughts on “Using staff as window dressing..

  1. ‘girls how loves to stand on signing ceremony’…

    Some crazy girl who loves to do that told you that? Or is this your own misogyny manifesting itself?

    You have a very low opinion of women. Wonder whether you know you were born from a woman? Are you sure you are also married to a woman? How come a woman-hater like you gets married to a woman in the first place?

    1. it has been customary, it is not required at all. however, this doesn’t show any gender inequality.

      If the girls wait on the others, that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t like it. And if they do like to wait on others, it doesn’t mean they are crazy. It’s just your perspective of the situation.

      Don’t assume to know everything yourself and decide what others should or should not do.

      If these girls objected, they very well would not have turned up for the contract signing session.

      If I prefer men to be waiting on, then its my choice. Last I checked, the universe was created by God with his laws. And men are endowed with a phallus to be attracted to the females. So don’t blame others, if my compass seems to point at men..

      1. Our editors point out that there is a slight singular/plural disagreement in the sentence “And men are endowed with a phallus to be attracted to the females…”… in the above comment. Otherwise OK..

        At we respect everyones views and we thank our readers for joining in the discussion. Pls keep coming to our blog and share your views..
        most respectfully yours…

  2. they are paid….these people are their secretaries….who help them with documents…its not just a decoration…

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