The untidy fish market..

Trading floors come in different shapes and sizes. Here in Maldives we have our own modest securities trading floor which sells a few shares once every few weeks and most of the employees of the exchange needless to say are adept at playing solitaire most of the time. Then we have the trading floor of our local fish market which is the second best place for guests as an ‘attraction’ in Male’, which is exactly the opposite of securities trading floor. Money (several thousands of them…) daily are exchanged here as prices for various types of fishes and yet the place is very dirty and neglected. The main floor of the market is extremely dirty and will fail any medical test for cleanliness. The place smells extremely foul and unhygienic. Tourists being tourists, they will not complain and think its part of their holiday to know and feel different cultures and places. But its culturally neither acceptable nor really representing dhivehin’s lifestyle to be untidy.. The place is in obvious neglect and somebody needs to take notice of state of the place for the benefit of everyone.


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