We got our priorities wrong on this.

Most advanced countries in the world spend tremendous amounts of money investing in the education sector which is a sure quick way to progress and prosperity. The most roguish country on earth Israel is known to spend many times more on education than their rival neighbours which maybe one reason why they have not the capacity to offer a credible to challenge to its roguishness. Here in our little country we also seems to have mixed the priorities in this issue. According to an enlightening article in muraasil, we are spending roughly 1200rf per student per year on education while we also spend 18000 per convicted criminal in detention annually. No wonder why there is no hesitation amongst hardened criminals to return to detention. This is clearly an issue we have to face with and bring about change. Crime and criminality is awarded and rewarded in our society while our schools and educational institutes are neglected. The classical modern idea of crime as a disease shall be challenged and we shall give it due regard. We shall not reward the criminals first, we shall reward the schools and the students first, and we shall tolerate criminals to the limits of our tolerance. However what we are seeing is that through successive years of neglect, the criminals have demanded and got more rights and facilities and amenities than they deserve. To lessen violent crime we shall make detention less of an appealing place than normal peaceful life.


3 thoughts on “We got our priorities wrong on this.

  1. Crime rate is going uncontrolled in Male and the other islands.Still we call ourselves muslims.Even in other non muslim countries things like this do not happen.People are getting attacked with sharp weapons in broad day light on the streets of Male’.It looks like law and order has failed in the Maldives.Jail has become a place for playing dirty politics.All the so called politicians are making all the jail related issues for their gain.The only way to prevent such inhuman crimes is to impose strong punishment for these criminals without any mercy.We should aslo introduce a grevious injury bill or else impose Islamic Saria to deal with these criminals.

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