Shangri-la ignoring Addu

Villingili Shangrilla

There is news coming from Addu that Shangri-la is ignoring Addu when it comes to recruitment and that they are considering petitioning the management of Shangri-la to reconsider the position. Historically the people of Addu worked hard to let the island of Villingili be build as a resort calling upon, cajoling, taunting and even threatening the government since perhaps the first days of tourism in Maldives. Addu is the second most populous atoll in Maldives and the biggest pool of resort related talent can be found in Addu. With the exception of perhaps a handful of resorts, all resorts in Maldives will have a majority of staff from Addu and the prospect of returning to Addu and getting a job closer to home (in Shangri-la or Herethere) is a dream of almost all of them.

Most big hotel and resort chains have good corporate social responsibility policies designed to help alleviate friction arising from issues just like this and Shangri-la is no exception. However the situation in Shangri-la in Addu is quite opposite from what is preached about Shangri-la CSR policies. It maybe an HR oversight to let unskilled workers be hired from contractors who sent expatriate workers to the resort on a case by case basis whilst the same category of workers can be recruited from Addu which would go a long way to help the cash, employment (or for that matter everything) strapped community of Addu.


4 thoughts on “Shangri-la ignoring Addu

  1. Hello Fucking Local staffs,

    Can’t u work wat the management tell to do, the management gave how goood oppourtunities to you people u do no how to use of it, all missusing it wasting too much of food from the canteen and usage of lockers and stealing with in u r freinds and family members and driving the buggy very harsh without light and proper usage of cafe and toilet, only ou people no to drink redbull and no respect to elders and when u fuuckers sit in the 3s shop putting u r leg on the table and all plates and cups leaving outside u do no to read english words also how u people are not fit for the hospitality industry u go out of maldives u people get shit and get fucking from all the people u have only 17kms overall u r making to much problem, and u think that u r the owner for this property even though the staffs come from swiss hotel school wat they learn they will forget if they work with you people, all men and women dont have brains all you have was tuna shit, thats why its not working, You people never ever seen these much variety of food and Milo, but now management was offering you good varieties, you couldnt use properly .

    Company was terminated four people who did michief with proper evidance, whats up other staffs why u couldnt come and work, is that you people are have same wifes r same fathers, tahts why u supporting the big thiefs.

    And no standards of service to the guest no wishing in the proper way and no proper groomings standard.

    And within a short age you people are getiing good positions but you couldnt use of it and sending you to the other countries not considering the expert more support for the local commuinty but you are thanking in a misbehave way, thats the way your parents teach you r wat? And spioling the reputations and all higher positions from local community only doing all stealing ipods and fucking girls and going to senior accomodations black and white combination, and stealing others property,’

    And next come to higher management dont give more freedom they start misusing it and they dont work and start making fun with others, And they will fuck your a——?

    And next about management more years of exp but i never seen a f–king Gm in my career he never smile to expert but he bend his Knee for local Shit, and not for the Guest?

    May be his grandfather was from Maldives i think thats why he got same attitude and life style and supporting them.

    All execuive has to change their attitude on running a resort was not up to the mark if these continue the resort will f–k it?

  2. Dear MRW site

    I am interested to hear your response to Shangri-La’s message – do you agree with what they said?

  3. Dear Poster,

    Please allow us to respond to your concerns regarding the employment opportunities given to the people of Addu by Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa, Maldives.

    Since the pre-opening recruitment stage, the resort has given significant importance to cultivating, developing as well as creating various opportunities for the people of Addu. From hospitality courses for young graduates to further corporate exposure at the Shangri-La Academy in Beijing as well as cross-training opportunities in Malaysia and Dubai, the resort continues to look for potential ways to benefit the people of Addu. To date 58% of our permanent employees are from Addu, representing an increase of 8 points comparing to the resort’s opening date in July last year. The casual expatriates predominantly assigned to landscaping as manual workers are provided by a contracted local partner. They are not full-time staff of the resort but give support to the existing workforce. Their employment is directly tied to seasonality and as such, the amount of casual workers fluctuates with the resort’s level of occupancy.

    The opportunities given to the people of Addu also go beyond employment. The resort strives to support the local economy by purchasing a selection of fruits, vegetables and fish from local farmers and fishermen. Also, in addition to strengthening ties with various local businessmen, the resort also supports Maavahi, a local NGO, in its waste management system project for Addu Atoll. These local activities are examples of how Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa Maldives adheres to its corporate social responsibility.

    Thank you for your attention and we appreciate your feedback.

    Best regards,

    Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa

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