Pension scheme coming in 2011 for resort workers

Its good news for the humble resort workers. The government is in the process of institutionalizing retirement and pension schemes for all workers and the draft of the legislation is said to have been finished. The government is trying to get the works rolling in as quickly as possible and with the ruling party as the new majority party in parliament, the works shall be easier done.

In a nutshell the scheme obliges employers to contribute to a pension scheme for workers a 7% of the monthly salary of any worker. In the case of civil servants and government employees, the government is willing to deposit that money on the employees behalf. We the resort workers will have to wait and see how the industry bosses interprets the legislation and see if we will have such better consideration as that of civil servants or for that matter weather that legislation has anything for us after all. Resort workers despite being the foremost breadwinners of the country are left to fend for themselves after the effective shelf life and up until now nobody realizes how unjust the system is. The civil servants although not productive in the sense of creating wealth for the country, receive all the benefits, perks and old age pensions etc. Nor was there any direction as to what to do with civil servants when their effective shelf life expires in the past, which creates a special class of pensioners who receive sometimes double, triple even quadruple pensions and are frequently considered nobility of the country.

The usual descent of a resort worker from his positions with respect to his age is like this:
@ his or her youth: a physically demanding job like a waiter, a roomboy, etc..
@ his or her middle age: if he/she didn’t get the long overdue promotion by whatever circumstances then its the time hit dirt.. relegate to island cleaner, shopkeeper, mosque imam etc.
@beyond that: he or she is a strict liability with no job guarantee whatsoever.


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