Why Anni Calls only for the release of Suu Kyi?

Just the other day our country hosted East Timorese President Dr Jose Ramos-Horta on some official trip and our president Anni and Dr Jose Ramos-Horta did call for the release of popular Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi from her house arrest. But they should not have stopped at that name. There are many worthy prisoners held in caged prisons across the world and we need not be selective echoing only the trendy names while forgetting the rest in more precarious situations. If Dr. Aung San Suu Kyi were asked, she certainly would not ask world leaders to call for her own release from house arrest while being silent about 1.5 millions Gazans in virtual house arrest in Palestine.

Aung San Suu Kyi, the popular opposition leader of Burma has been living under house arrest and other various forms of detentions for the better part of the last two decades. So we call upon the The military dictatorship of General Than Shwe to set her free and allow her to live in dignity and peace.

Calling for the release of detained important people throughout the world is quite common and a commendable part of modern day diplomacy and its met with varying degrees of success. The case of Aung San Suu Kyi is the most poignant example of such calls. It can safely be said that few world leaders would not have made this call for Burma to release her and yet General Than Shwe doesn’t seem to take notice.

Further north up in middle east, an equally illustrious figure is also kept in detention but this time the accused was abducted tried and sentenced for 5 live sentences in a court case which is fraught with legal loopholes the size of … well, quite big holes. The illustrious figure is Marwan Barghouti, the Mandela of Palestine. With the close connections our newly elected democratic government has with Israel, the government is advised to say a few good words of Marwan Barghouti and hopefully ask for a presidential pardon for him at least as a gesture of goodwill to kick start the stalled peace process…

In the same lines it would be also advisable for Anni to call on the abductors of Gilad Shalit to release him as his capture has already cost the population of Gaza an unimaginable amount of destruction of property and thousands of innocent Gazan civilians.

Nor would it do much harm to call for the release of Dr. Afiya Siddiqui, the Americans have abducted from Pakistan and kept in detention without any charge up until quite recently and now being charged with attempted murder of American servicemen. Trumped up charges no doubt to cover for the more than 5 years of their abduction of her in the first place.


8 thoughts on “Why Anni Calls only for the release of Suu Kyi?

  1. The primary reason, Dr Aug Sung Suu Kyi is a political detainee, and a democracy crusader. She’d never attempted on bringing an Armageddon, and She’d never being convicted of a wrong, except for political purposes. Which apparently makes her, a serenity crusader too.

    It might not be the reason, why President Nasheed is claiming for her release.

    But this is the reason I have utmost respect and I extravagantly praise her. Indeed, the reasons why she’s special.

    1. Nor did Marwan Barghouti or Gilad Shalit attempted to bring an Armegaddon. Marwan Barghouti was just kidnapped from his home by Israeli agents and tried in their courts and found guilty and put in jail just to influence Palestinian political scene. So he is as much a political detainee as Anni was under Maumoon’s detention. As for Israeli courts, these are the same courts that issue demolition orders on peoples homes just because a member of that house might have been involved in stone throwing against their forces. Perhaps this is the only country in history which punishes buildings for its occupant’s crimes.

      Respect is also due (and a little bit overdue) in the case of Dr. Afia Siddique who was held in Americans detentions for the past five years without any charges and after finding no fault with her they have come with invented charges now.

  2. agree. should have been braver.. there are still a lot of ppl to be released. like:

    the 1.5 million of Gazans

    a few hundreds of seamen captured by Somali pirates

    an unknown number of ppl held by cia and fbi in secret jails throughout the world without any legal grounds..

    etc etc

  3. It’s the popular vote; every time he calls for the release of Dr. Aung San Suu Kyii, he looks around as if hoping to see Barack Obama or Gordon Brown amongst the crowd, whistling and cheering, promising instant riches for us Maldivians. He is, in essence, happy-clapping.
    Just say, he calls for the release of Marwan Barghouti and whoops! Expect to see him stumbling down a few steps on the global popularity ladder (you might also hear wild conspiracy theories about his affiliation with the Taliban from sources such as Fox News).

    Not saying what he’s doing is right, though. He should be a little braver and speak out the truth. After all, isn’t that what democracy is all about?

  4. Anni calls for her release to associate himself with a real freedom hero. Other people listed in the article are controversial. They are villains to some and heroes to some.

    1. First a big Thanks for commenting on our blog..

      but you will have to agree that there is an element of sounding out the correct notes to the western media involved here. This is not peculiar to Anni or Maumoon. Most politicians around the world just do this to be associated within the mainstream ideologies. Thinking on the situations of the prisoners listed above, it can be safely said that the one who is least confined is Dr. Aung San Suu Kyi.

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