The govt is loosing the media war

The government is gradually loosing out to a frenzied opposition dominated media which is bittersweet news in itself. The opposition party now seems to be taking the full advantage of freedom of expression, which was wrestled out from them when they were in power. Unashamedly (like all sides in politics) they are using the media to garner support for their prime cause which is to give reins of power to one person and one family to let the country run as a fiefdom. The government’s inability to check the situation arises partly from being overwhelmed with the day to day running of a broken country + staffing important govt functions with activist style hot air filled type of people as a favor of gratitude to the ire of masses. Another important factor is the government’s fondness to perform to foreign media and governments which alienates those nationalistic elements within the country, which the opposition is gleefully exploiting to the hilt.


6 thoughts on “The govt is loosing the media war

  1. ohw your most welcomed, and i am pleased to comment. Yesh, i absolutely agree that the point stands out, but not only the story but the action too.

  2. Thanks for the comment.. and complement.
    But still the point stands.. that the government is not doing enough to present their side of the story to the people. In the long run this could be a big problem for them.

  3. haha.. good one. The oppositions are taking full advantage of media and its quite natural, because they can ask and make up any story or ask government any question they want to.. striking and local people raising their voices; voices which once was shut and tortured for disagreeing or questioning the legend 30 years presidency in Maldives.
    I certainly agree slow act of our president anni and his performance in certain diplomatic decisions,which can be improved. But, its fun to see and i personally enjoy this circumstances happening in our country, which i have never seen in my childhood; people striking!!
    Game ; haa.. its all this politics is about, throwing the dice over and again and loosing media’s attention and winning their attention back… media is the only form to reach public and attract them. So both government and oppositions are making most out of the media in order to win public’s love and affection- surely public is the one who decides the NEXT ruling democratic party in the Maldives within these 3 or 4 years…
    By the way, very nice articles.

  4. I am concerned how much this government gives attention to whitewashing itself in the foreign media while at home, there is virtually no PR work done to clearly explain to the public all the confusion surrounding government’s contradictory decisions over the past one year.

    What’s the point? Does the govt think it can be in power through the good graces of the international community only? Any democratic govt can never survive without the support of its local populace first.

    Anni would definitely be aware of this. So I’m not sure what kind of game he is playing ever since he became President.

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