small resort-lets also to be monetized

Tourism Ministry and The government are in works to generate some more cash from the lease of small islands nearby resorts, which are frequently used for hosting dinners and free use for guests picnic. The government hopes that the decision will add a 60Million Rf to government revenues this year. Currently these small islands are just uninhabited islands given to some locals for a symbolic fee who in turn lease the island to bigger resort nearby, to use the island for undisclosed big sums. Such islands are many, are very small and unsuitable for building structures and frequently are bird sanctuaries.

However, there had been situations with the island’s landlord leasing the islet for a nearby resort and the resort clandestinely building guest rooms, prompting the authorities to dismantle the structures for lack of approval and permit. Hopefully this current decision will give some kind of status to those islands and monetize the islands for a fairer price, which would give a peace of mind to resorts eager to keep a remote outpost for guests enjoyment.