Why cannot somebody say sorry to Richard?

Richard is a Chinese businessman who was wronged in Maldives simply because he started his business venture with a government strong man at the time. 15 long years he has tarried in jail for no crime and yet the government present and past has failed to acknowledge responsibility for this loss. The former government operated above the law all the time hence no apology is expected from them but the current one which trumpets to the world their democratic credentials and wants to be seen as leading the world on global issues shall atl east be able to say sorry to Richard.

Governments acknowledging mistakes and asking forgiveness is not a new thing and is done frequently across the world.

  • The Australians say sorry to aborigines almost every other day.
  • The US and carribean and mainland American countries ask forgiveness from red indians as well as mayans quite frequently.
  • The European countries bend over their back each year many many times for the unforgivable crimes of Nazi Germany and to the holocaust where 6 million people are alleged to have been vaporized by them.
  • The Americans diplomats on each trip to japan say sorry to Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs and lay wreaths on tombs there.

So its not uncommon for governments to acknowledge past mistakes and say sorry at the victims. So we urge our first democratic government to be bold and say a mistake has been committed against Richard and say sorry to him.

here is Richar’s blog. http://richardwumeide.blogspot.com/