Move to curb labour exploitation

construction workers

At last Immigration is going to do something about the human exploitation problem we have in the country. This is a long overdue measure belatedly taken but still a good one and a necessary means to curb labor exploitation in the country. The problem of labor exploitation like most of the woes facing the country started with the former regime’s unstructured and limitless immigration policy which swamped the country with laborers from nearby countries. At the height of this laborer-importing-frenzy anyone can just fill a form specifying how many human beings he or she want to import to the country and have approval in a matter of minutes and bring laborers to the country. Many “human trafficking” agencies were created and some of these agencies operated inside the Department of Immigration as well. That’s how bad the situation was and frequently we had riots over the imported laborers complaining about living conditions, pay and food. Some were simply left fend for themselves without pay and job in an unknown city the day they come to Maldives. Also its a common knowledge that most labourers spend phenomenal amounts of money to agents back at home to secure a job in Maldives in the first place. So by being abandoned in Maldives from their “bosses”, most of these unfortunates face a double loss and this happens quite frequently.

The new measures to combat abandoning workers after importing them are to charge a hefty deposit dependent on nationality of the imported worker. These are:

8000rf for a Bangladeshi
4000rf for a Sri Lankan
3000rf for an Indian

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