Ghosts resorts

Kandholhu Island Resort?

Do you know a “Kandholhu Island Resort”? Not very likely, because even the tourism ministry doesn’t acknowledge a resort by that name. But the resort exists and is run by Universal Group of Hotels.

There are quite an unknown number of phantom resorts in Maldives lost to the helpless Tourism Ministry which keeps a highly inaccurate list of registered resorts at their website. These resorts would have been illegal under the law and yet money and influence are always used to cover-up these murky deals which only benefits the already corrupt. Despite Tourism industry being the biggest earner of revenues for the government its amazing how these priceless islands were given away to corruption.

The situation is quite like the ghost schools situation in Pakistan which the government did clampdown on but here in Maldives this is one issue our government does not seems to be aware of. Maybe its time the government takes an inventory of resorts islands we have in Maldives and ask for island rent and overdue taxes which would surely go a long way to address the financial woes of the country.

Despite Universal Group‘s silence on the existence of a “Kandholhu Island Resort” most tour operators advertise the island.
Here are some websites which sells tour package for the island:


8 thoughts on “Ghosts resorts

  1. OK page is gone, I am wondering if the other websites are aware of this, I’m going to see if I can do something about trip advisor or at least make them aware of the problem!

    1. Big travel sites can indeed play a role by reminding these fake resorts that they need to be transparent and legit to succeed in business. After all a business is based on trust. Fraudsters shall not be rewarded for their fraud. We can all play a part in getting them in line and straight.

  2. Hi, I am so sorry if I have offended any Maldivians by having the page “Kandholhu” on my site, my intention has always been to promote the Maldives for the benefit of the Maldivian people and had no idea that there was a problem with this island.
    The new government has a lot of work to undo the way things used to be done, but am confident these problems will be taken care of in time, for now all I can do is remove this page from my site.
    Regards, Rob.

    1. No offense taken. We only want to bring these issues to wider debate in the industry and on a national level. The problem here seems to be that we were kept in dark for too long and gradually the lid of the box is being lifted.. Tourism industry needs to be clean and the wheelings and dealings need to be transparent and fair. Just as our resorts has zero tolerance when it comes to staff’s lapses, so shall the government deal with resorts who have robbed the government with millions of dollars of legitimate income..

      anyways thanks for interaction Rob. Keep coming to our blog and send your comments.

  3. helll ya !!! first of all please mind my language! No wonder how these F***** UNIVERSAL got rich!! they got rich from our swat and blood!!!! clearly the government should do something abt this for once and all!!!

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