Ban the anchor

underwater beauty

With the exception of a handful city hotels, all our resorts have a reef for guests to dive in and to explore the beauty of corals and marine life. However for lack of awareness and ‘lawlessness’, we are sacrificing a big amount of our natural underwater beauty everyday to carelessly thrown anchors to fleets of speed boats, supply dhonis etc from each resort everyday all year round. Although divers and water sports people have been clamoring for these issues they appears not to have their voice heard where hearing matters. The problem is compounded by the fact that some of our resorts treat these issues just another small issue on the side rather than an integral and big issue. Coral reefs being as delicate they are, any amount of damage to the reef will take years and decades to recover if at all. Legislating is a solution with a concentrated drive to upgrade mooring facilities and arrangements in resorts with standards applicable to all resorts.


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