What will we get from Copenhagen?

Zilch is the short answer.

The world and its media is busy in Copenhagen following the the leaders and their agendas and our president has not tarried back. The summit to seal the world’s fate is going on full swing and looking back from a safe distance one gets the feeling that at last humans are taking over the destiny of the planet. So far the responsibility has been with god or nature for the godless.

Our papers (the few that has survived the former regime) reported that the president has not forgotten the few skeptics of this global warming scam and he has a very short message for skeptics. 350. A true numerical message no skeptic could be persuaded to global warming optimism. Such numerical messages had its day and its probably gone now. Y2K was the best such example which was exposed later as a bunch of lies and deceptions which profitted immensely those who promoted it.

Coming back to the topic one wonders what will we in Maldives get from Copenhagen? Every country is represented there for a purpose and everyone expects something back from the signatures and documents coming out of the summit. Our chance of actually getting something from Copenhagen are questionable. For sure we will get some recognition as a sinking hopeless country which according to an economic themed blog is bad news for our country because foreign investors are already being scared by the apocalyptic version of our country the media is painting. There might be other helps such as a few more radio buoys to monitor sea level rise and a few more weather balloons to attach more equipment to monitor parts per million of carbon particles to our Met Office and a few visits by distinguished global warming scaremongers (maybe Al Gore?) and that seems to be the direction we are heading. Gone are the days of big rich countries pouring money to small less developed countries apparently for no reason. Now every bit of aid is connected and given in condition of something.


2 thoughts on “What will we get from Copenhagen?

  1. Thanks for the input and here is some unscientific yet commonsense facts. Y2K was also promoted by media and there were scientists even then. However scientists are also ppl who has careers and hopes for future. Nobody would wish to be made a sacrificial lamb by the media on powerful emotive issues such as these. That was the reason why scientists at the time of Y2K did not put a robust defense against that scam. They knew they cannot go against the tide of frenzied and misdirected media. Same is happening now. Anyone who dare say media is wrong is immediately ridiculed.

  2. it will be good if you can base your theories on some scientific facts. 350 ppm is not just a number like Y2K. it is derived from science and there are hundreds of scientists backing this. better continue blogging about your resort workers and their miserable conditions. a 2 degree warming for rest of the world means 3 degrees for Africa, and already people are dying from climate change in Africa.

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