Please create some Jobs for my countrymen.. Here is the background.

  • Change of regime started lots of effort to streamline the government (which is the biggest employer) which means to lessen the number of salaried people. Its a good thing to streamline an overly inflated bubble of a government which is slow and unwieldy and the redundancy packages or benefits to laid off government employees were clearly generous. However just like with trees we shall cut a tree after planting two more. So for each job that is lost more jobs should be created.
  • Global financial crisis came and scared off guests which meant streamlining started in earnest in resorts which is compounded with the dollar shortage in the country.
  • The last batch of resort islands gambled away (yes, gambled is the correct word) to a feeding frenzy type of brainless money-less and idea-less bunch of people who for the most part were proxies of existing resort owners or former regime supporters or their henchmen were at last found out to be NOT CAPABLE of developing resorts or creating wealth and the government is now taking action at last. Some of these fraudsters (for lack of a suitable word) have been advertising the islands they got on ebay.. that’s how cheap they are. Had those islands been given to real business parties with sound bossiness plans, more resorts would have opened now creating more jobs.
  • Our fisheries is still in doldrums (nobody knows why) and the memories of oil price hike is still fresh. The only cause of optimism for the fishermen was that they got double price for their catch compared to the peanuts they were served the past 3 decades.
  • A country is as progressive as the people of the country are. We have a tourism industry which is said to be 50 years old and yet we are importing skills from abroad which means lost opportunities for those eligible from among us and a drain on the foreign currency which is in a precarious situation. Our share of skilled and unskilled expatriate population became a problem under the former government which committed every mistake in the rule book and the current government seems undecided and ill focused on the issue. The only measure which the former government installed to curb the expatriate workforce from taking over the country was to suggest a 50% ratio of workers which is flouted by most resorts in the country with all sorts of excuses and direct and indirect links to the ministries in question. This measure has lost its effectiveness now and the criteria should be raised now. Rather than a blanket 50% ratio we shall classify particular jobs which can easily be filled with local talent and restrict employment of foreign labor to those positions.

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