Global warming scam

• Our country is not in imminent danger of being sunk at any moment but media persistently presents this story. We have seasonal surges of waves which happen infrequently and up until the tsunami of 2004 we didn’t had much to fear from big waves. Every dhivehin knows all the big noises they make about Maldives sinking are rubbish but to get some more loans or assistance from foreign donors.
• Those who clamored for this issue got fame, money and clout. Al Gore got the Nobel and his film which should have been made free to download still earns money… 49 million $s. They got what they want and we shall not have to follow them just like unthinking robots. Remember the Y2K scam? Books were written about it and films were made about it and they made us think that airplanes will from sky. I remember that night exactly 0000 hours on 20001 January and several of my friends ran outside to see if they can see falling objects like satellites and aero planes from the sky. Nothing fell and I was watching TV. Nor did the TV station crash…
• Coming from politicians we have to be wary about it. These are the same people who said Saddam had weapons of mass destruction which he did not and they have still not apologized for 1 million killed in Iraq and ruining another already ruined country which is Afghanistan. They have an issue with oil which is almost drained and fast depleting in US and they want the infrastructures to change to other forms of energy before this happens. That’s exactly why the Iranians are keen to develop their own nuclear power stations. Because once the global demand for oil starts to wan the Arab Disney type kingdoms will come to face with reality after eons of supporting innumerable princes and princesses and forgetting the masses. Everybody knows that just because Iran has a missile they would not shoot at Israel. Politicians are a dumb lot but they also know that much. For Iran to develop one nuclear missile and send it to Israel is suicide. Iranians know that, so does Israel, EU as well as the US. They all know that but they never say that because everybody has a way to gain from their positions. For the already established nuclear states they cannot let others join their group because that would mean one customer is lost. Also historically Israel was created in the midst of oil rich Arab nations to have some leverage on global oil economy and they are not ashamed of saying this. Contrary to popular media line Israel was not created by a sympathy factor because of what Germans are alleged to have done. Now that the world is getting impatient with Israel for their human rights violations and the the creation of Israel has not had the leveraging affect they wanted on global oil markets they are thinking of switching over from oil to something else which is good but associated with fraud.
• People like George Soros who in his own words does not have a problem with exploiting the masses for legitimate gain are in this scam with multibillion dollar financial schemes to fleece the average American household 600$ per year. His vision is to be the intermediary between rich and poor governments and do some carbon trading which scam is all too known.
• Our last president played the environment card and our current one also is doing the same thing. What is lacking here is honesty and clear thinking. This global madness about impending environmental disaster is fiction and fad which in a few years will be exposed as another scam played on us by the shaithaan who makes us believe somehow we are controlling the elements


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