The contractors

Invariably, the first resort workers in any resort workers will be the contractors and professionals (and the non-skilled) who are associated with the various construction and infrastructure works in a resort. The life of a regular resort worker is easy compared to a contractor. In the construction industry they work hard, live and die hard and earn more. Generally for the outdoor kinds of folks its an ideal job if not for the nature of business which is highly irregular and unorganized. Most contracted workers are just temporary workers and they would have gotten their job or works from some other contractor who would have subcontracted to them their works. This chain of subcontracting sometime would go as high as five or 6 steps to reach the very top which would be some top established brand in Male’ and their only responsibility from a perspective would be nothing more than signing some obscure papers. The real works are done by lowest of the subcontracting ladder and the real fun is also there.
From initial ground works in a typical uninhabited island to the last final touches to a full five star deluxe resort, the work goes at break-neck speed and as the deadlines looms for the eventual opening the more enjoyable the work is. Often at last stages of the construction of the resort, the works would be continuous 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The only break a contracted worker would get is when they ran out of supplies, or awaiting demolition orders for some structure which gets modification, or when they had to await for concrete to dry up a little bit etc. Also the unstructured nature of employment as contracted worker means they can take off days arbitrarily. After the resort is finally opened up and handed over to the operators, some of the contracted workers would have a tougher job in Male’ finding their bosses and getting their pay which is not very fun after toiling hard for often a year or half in a hard job. Its quite frequent to find contracted employees in and out of courts pursuing their ‘group bosses’ or the contractor who subcontracted to them etc.
The problem lies in our construction industry which is still at an early date of development overwhelmed by an unregulated workforce both foreign and local and lacking guidelines, codes as well as knowledge and know required of modern construction works.


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