How about a dictatorship now… for a brief spell of time?

Democracy means listening to everyone and when everyone talks its more difficult to arrive at conclusions. So we need a dictatorship for the moment.. for a brief spell of time and for achieving very specific goals which could never be attained in current circumstances. The things to achieve in such a situation would be:

  • To abolish the Majlis… cos Majlis does not represent the people anymore. The Majlis represents two parties with their differing views not us the majority of the people. Of the 2 parties in the Majlis 1 party is simply there to put forward the agenda of the former president and his family. The other party is out there to take revenge on what they have suffered under the regime of the former. Extremely qualified and suitable people were disqualified from entrance to the Majlis in favor of taxi driver class members simply because of the party ticket.
  • To redistribute resorts in a fairer more transparent bidding process. Currently only handful of former government cronies hold most of the real estates in our tourism which stifles growth and business diversification. Most of these lucky persons knows not how to run or operate resorts and thats the main reason they are selling of management contracts to big hotel chains worldwide and become sleeping partners.
  • To abolish all the political parties and start the process all over again cos there is very little legitimacy in most of these political parties which were created by a fictitious signatures over lists of Identity Card information database which was made available to those who wanted to created a party at that time. Despite the known illegitimacy of these parties most of which does not engage in politics at any level, the government has to payout millions every year. A notorious wastage of public money in crunch time.
  • Discard the constitution and write it a new. Cos the latest version of our constitution was specifically designed to suit the failure or success of the former government and this is amply evident in the clauses pertaining to the power transition period. The days when the last chapters were debated were especially bleak and dark days of our country’s history where we saw members of the then ruling party disrupting the debate on the minutest of difference to their view… We need not reward the enemies of democracy by adopting their literature but we need to make a fresh new one untouched by greed and party politics..
  • To start another capital city island like Male’ somewhere else possibly in Laam atoll which is the center of the country. Male’ is too crowded a place for healthy or safe living and Male’ was deliberately congested to provide easy income for native Male’ people. There is great social inequity here and this could be well addressed by having another capital. Male’ does not have to be devalued but just another island has to be given the title of economic capital island and developed as such.

7 thoughts on “How about a dictatorship now… for a brief spell of time?

  1. thanks for the compliment. but i think i deserve it not… anyways..pls keep coming to our blog and comment your views and thoughts.

  2. Oh yeah I can also give an example, like, a hungry man, who haven’t had foods for days and suddenly he found a plate of rice and garudhiya ( let’s say a Maldivian dish) and you can see how he runs towards the food and he just eat from his both hands, he forgets the manners to eat, because all he wants is to eat. And a little concept of this applies to a newly democratic country not for a name yet in reality like Maldives.
    Yes, we need some manners, or at least strict rules in the parliament, or anywhere. But this must be some kind of thing which do not torture people and must take some fee or kind of thing like that. Everything needs limits and I agree parliament is not the way it must be, but we do not need again the dictatorship which we had experienced for at least thirty years.

  3. Democracy in its full form is this. We need people with different opinion. We need people with opinions in their actions. Maldives was for a name democratic country before and today Maldives is in its real form not for a name yet in reality. Maldivians had been divided into various parties. But most leading parties in is Maldives is DRP and MDP.
    Sure we need an active parliament system, where these parties need to work more and raise voice more for the country other than for their own benefits or their parties.
    Today we have a more active media, people had their own very rights to raise their own voice, they do not get arrest for saying something against president or tortured to death.
    But everything need time to grow… And Maldives is growing slowly at least. People are new to this party system and so for a democratic country, because long ago there was only dictatorship.
    And due to new into a democratic world, people react so out minded that they face problems in their homes, with parents because of the party they support. They get into violent activities… And when something goes wrong they go and raise their voices, say whatever they want, because no one can stop them now, free like a bird and a free bird. But these same problems are faced by our neighbor countries and many well developed countries. But yet this can lead to more corruption free country, because more parties lead to more opinions and less cheats, or difficult to cheat!
    So Maldives do not need a dictatorship again where people get tortured for opening their mouths, and where powers only belong to the president’s family!

  4. Yah this democracy seems to be creating a greater divide amongst the Maldivians than ever before. If this is what democracy means, we are better off with something else!

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