Training resort anytime soon?

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The recent announcement by a Malaysian university to give assistance in training to tourism related studies is welcome news the industry needs much. It is our sincere hope that the much hyped training resort will one day come to reality in a near future.

Various apprentice programs run by some employers are almost akin to human exploitation and there indeed good reasons to have to legislate on this. There is also a good demand for apprentice programs as more and more people seek various ways to find jobs however difficult the circumstances might be. During a typical apprentice program, the employee is technically a student but is expected to work twice as much as a regular employee with no salary as such. And for the whole duration of the program, the apprentice would have to go without any protection of standard worker rights.

One of the reason young people join these ‘scams’ apart from desperation about being unemployed is that they seek training and skills. Currently whatever is available to fulfill these needs is woefully inadequate. For example the Hotel School at Sosunge offers many courses to aspiring resort workers throughout the year and yet as soon as courses are announced all seats are taken meaning their capacity is low. This is on top of the fact the rate of study in Hotel School is at snail’s speed where courses seems to be designed for mentally challenged people! So basically enrolling at Hotel School is a notorious time waster but a necessary hurdle to come over if a job is difficult to come by.

The solution to the skills problem we seem to have in the industry could be these.

  • Legislate on apprentice programs to prevent such programs from being used to exploit labor. Dhiraagu (the world’s worst telephone company in some literature) is said to engage in such behavior.
  • Fast track hotel industry trainings and instructions. The current hotel school syllabus was a product of yesteryears thinking which needless to say is obsolete now. We need faster and trimmer instructions suited to the industry not necessarily the philosophies, histories and etymologies of arcane terms to impress the poor students.

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