Now its time to market the industry

‘Reservations Department’ in a typical resort is the easiest place to work in despite booking people’s insistence otherwise. They claim they have a busy restless life but reality is far from that. Most of the bookings our resorts get are not because of intense marketing or advertising campaigns. Tourists do come to our resorts because there is a huge demand for tourism worldwide and the limited number of resorts we have available in our country. The supply of tourists to our country is only limited by the room rates our resorts quote for potential customers and a few more things like distant travel etc. The proof of this statement is in the situation whereby we have a low season and a high season despite our tiny market. If we do proper marketing of our resorts, we wouldn’t have a high or low season and we can find guests to fill the rooms all year round.

Most resorts in the depths of ‘low season’ will do anything to get guests including soliciting air-line crew contracts to lowering the room rates so much so that the bargain hunters quickly arrive to fill a gap. The ‘bargain hunter’ type of tourists bring with them their own sets of problem which the resorts try to evade as soon as high paying customers arrive.

Imagination must have been the lacking factor. We still seems to be following the tried and tested ways of marketing for the European and Japanese market and doing the easy job rather than doing real marketing of which huge potential lies in Middle East and Russian markets. This is especially the case in Middle East where Maldives is viewed with particular closeness by potential clientèle because Maldive happens to be the other 100% Muslim country in the world! This is an important marketing advantage our resorts needs to take into account.

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