The crazy salaries of the government sector


Most of govt vacancies posted in Government’s Gazette seems fairly out of reach in terms of the requirements they seek or the benefits package they are prepared to give. For one thing if a decent job is vacant the requirement to the job will be so stringent as to disqualify 90% of those who would wish to apply in the first place. The remaining 10% of those who can apply will be frustrated with the low benefits compared to what they have to offer.

For example: Family Court seeks an administrator.
The pay is about 14639 which is about 1100 dollars. The qualification is Masters Degree + some more conditions. The problem with this situation is as follows

  • Masters Degree is not easy to get in a country where there is no university.
  • 1100 dollars is peanuts if one lives in Male’ where a single room accommodation is well worth more than half of that number. Whereas in resorts 1100 dollars is  the low end of what the average ‘room boy’ or waiter earns in a month.
  • Does one really need that much qualification for a clerk type job? Or would it not be a waste of education to demand that much for a mundane paper job?

Despite the inconsistencies, people tend to apply for jobs in Male’ to be close to family and lead a normal life. Resort life is not for everyone and not for all ages. Resort life has an expiry date beyond which if one wishes to work, one would have to climb a few more rungs of the corporate ladder.

There was no framework or guidelines for qualification and pay for government employees untill very recently and the current adminstration is still grappling with the mess that was created in the past regime. The current regime knows about these issues and does not wish to open the pandora’s box quite yet. Because jobs relate to people and people have  feelings, strong ones when it comes to someone meddling in one’s pay, so to modify existing benefits and conditions is a nighmare the current regime would wish to postpone untill made inevitable.


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