Freedom of expression abused

Freedom of speech, expression and freedom of assembly maybe a novelty for the time being in Maldives but it was not always the case. Such freedoms were at times allowed and at times curtailed depending on how the country was run. However in the present euphoria over regime change from a brutal dictatorship to some sense of normalcy people simply gets carried away and tend to associate these values to one political party or other. However facts remain facts and democracy is not an invention of DRP or MDP.

With the ascension of MDP led government and the ensuing liberal reforms, we are currently seeing a worrying trend of these very liberal reforms being abused by a vocal minority to put forward their agenda over the whole country. Topics such as hudhoodh which for years have been taken for granted and where appropriate dispensed with, suddenly was tabled in popular media for the whole world to debate and suddenly we get lots of negative media exposure which is hardly the work of any patriot. Also were brought to prominence absurd theories of imaginary ‘jaariyaas’ for which the authorities paid a considerable amount of effort to investigate however failed to materialize as was the recent case of the American balloon boy who enthralled a considerable portion of US media.

These few individuals who devote considerable amount of energies to discredit this nation are not traitors in their own words. Their only problem is with democracy for democracy calls for respecting the views of the majority. Now the majority in Maldives are Muslims however they go on about their conviction or however a census can be taken of.

These few enemies of this country are easily identifiable as a persistent group whose only inclination is to offend the faith of the vast majority of this country’s population and to sow discord among the ranks by spreading their hatred. Spreading hatred is easy like prostitution.. but not necessarily the best way to achieve an objective. Its the mark of an imbalanced mind, an immature self, a defective education and of course an improper upbringing.

For everything there is a limit. This is easier to grasp for a secular thinker than a dogmatic one! For this reason its time to consider action against these hate criminals who parade under the banner of freedom expression before injured sensibilities blind people to just measures and leads to violence. PR stunts to raise the awareness of the world leaders to the plight of environment is a good necessary move but so is the need to order the house and do the housekeeping before the masses takes on the liberty of freedom of action on their own hands.


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