Is this Baghdhad?

Media reports about a kidnapping of a youth in broad day light in Male’ by a gang of 15 men who took the youth to a ‘guest house’ beat him up, took his cash card and withdrew money from an atm among a list of crimes the police are still looking into. The criminals tried to give the young man drugs and burnt his body with cigarettes and one of his eyes is bloodshot. The criminals have broken the boy’s spectacle while beating him up. The criminals asked for a ransom of 20000rf from the boy’s father who is a resort worker barely making ends meet. The police have apprehended some of the criminals and the investigation continues.

the story in haveeru
the story in

So does the questions… When brazen crimes like this happens in broad day light, in one of the most congested place on earth, why was this ordeal allowed to happen? Why haven’t a passerby taken notice of this crime and report to police? Or if it this were the case (most probable), why had the police taken so long to act? The boy was snatched at 4pm in Thursday and the police managed to rescue him 1pm on Friday according to Haveeru? Where is the public anger and dismay at this sort of violation of human rights? Or does human rights apply only when it comes to prisoner’s rights and issues?

Our new government has brought many wonderful changes much needed to the country and they are still deep in works for the common good. Diving to highlight to issue of sea rise and biking to raise the awareness of clean and green living is all good thanks and well done for pr campaigns. But is it not time to say enough is enough for gangs and criminals in Male’? Wouldn’t it be helpful if the president puts his word in the matter and say clearly this is criminality and that it shall end? Not that it will end by anyone saying so. We seems to have a leadership issue when it come to tackling criminality and gang warfare in our islands. What we doesn’t seem to have a problem with is leadership when it comes to matters of environment, Maumoon was the ‘father of the environment’ at his time, Now Anni is the ‘champion’ of environment. We also need a ‘Hero’ of some sorts in our armed forces. Maybe its time now for Ameen Faisal to introduce tougher measures against street criminals.
ameen faisal


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