Too many chefs will spoil the broth


most resorts in our country have two classes of human beings. The lower classes are the staff and the higher ones are the managers. While in most resorts the higher class of human beings are quite a few in number, some resorts does indeed have them plentiful. Having a plentiful supply of either class of human beings is a mixed blessing.

Every time a manager is hired he needs a small ‘entourage’. It could be his secretary, an office, a dedicated Internet connection to watch movies etc etc and of course the benefit package including bar allowance and Rest and Relax. (a con). But its not infrequent that sometimes a manager is all by himself not having any subordinates under him. I have come across one manager who goes by the title Lobby Manager… (something like a GRO but nevertheless a manager)

But once hired each manager will try to impress his boss and fellow managers with some effort at cost cutting somewhere which normally would infringe on staff benefits somehow. (a pro?)

Most resorts could survive on few managerial positions such as

A General Manager
A Chef
An F&B Manager
A Housekeeper
An Engineer

Working under these positions could be innumerable supervisors if the resort is large and the normal staff could be made to work as a team without further dividing them under more managerial positions.
The advantages of having few top positions is many and is common in locally managed resorts and smaller resorts. Some resorts does indeed have very big bureaucracies as a management and works not much unlike government. These resorts might need to be convinced that they can be efficient and small, a sure way to achieve success in business.

To streamline a management there are other measures such as outsourcing some works which would work perfectly well in our resorts and the benefits of tourism could be distributed to more people than concentrated in the hands of the few.

typical works in a resort which can be outsourced are:
1.The “Launch Section”
2.The Supply Department
3.The Security Section
4.Pest Control.
5.Engine, water plant and Power System Routine Maintenance under contract
6.Staff Accommodation (in some resorts)


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