Velidhu hires thugs to end strike..

Velidhu Island Resort
Velidhu Island Resort

According to Minivan, the employers of Velidhu Island Resort are taking law in to their own hands and going about it dirty and ugly. ie. they have called in thugs from Male’ to intimidate rioting staff who have been protesting against the employer who has refused to implement the provisions of the new labor law and the strike has been going on for the the last 10 days.

Please follow the rest of the story on Minvan

Mohamed Ramiz
Mohamed Ramiz


3 thoughts on “Velidhu hires thugs to end strike..

  1. I had no idea things like this were common in MV this will affect the tourism industry if it becomes common knowledge and needs to be sorted out, the Maldives, from the view of us Europeans is one of idylic natural beauty with lovely gentle people, which has always been my experience, all good things come to an end, but the Maldives cant lose the confidence of the tourist as it is already one of the most expensive destinations and a real treat for us to visit, so let’s hope these gangs and the people in them come to realise the long term effect of this kind of thing, Rob.

  2. The staff on resort islands are really in a powerful position and could bring an island to its knees if they were that way inclined, if I was running a resort I would make sure that the staff are well looked after as these strikes are becoming more common. Regards, Rob

    1. This was one sad story which hopefully will not be replicated. The rise of organized gangs dealing with violence started quite recently and like everywhere else, the politicians started to pay them to their dirty work. Prior to this, gangs were just gangs for fun and served a social function. But now hardly a day goes by without an armed robbery taking place. This is a frightening situation for a small country like ours.

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