Taj Corel rebranded as Viventha

Taj corel Hembadhoo
Taj corel Hembadhoo

President Anni is to open Taj Viventha Resort which was Taj Coral Resort also known locally as Henbadhoo. Taj Corel Reef resort was in operation since 1996 and is now being rebranded as Viventha after upgrades to the resort. The resort has 32 ocean rooms, 21 beach villas and 6 delux beach villas and two suites.
According to Miadhu Daily the resort has 120 employees, 55% of whom are Maldivians. Taj is known as one of the better resorts in the Maldives for services to the staff. In an interview with Miadhu Daily, the General Manager Mr. Drego is said to have said that the during the 18 month period in which the resort was closed for renovation, employees had been paid a salary and an average allowance so that the staff would stay with the resort.

Miadhu Daily is said to have learnt that senior officials of the Indian government and a group of prominent businessmen of India, including senior officials of House of Tata would come to Maldives to participate in the 62nd independence day of India,

Taj group’s first resort in the Maldives was Villivaru Biyadhoo in 1981, the first premier resorts developed by a foreign company in the Maldives.


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