Maybe, this time the president is wrong…


We the resort workers are very apolitical a group of people but we also have ideas of our own and families back home who would be affected by the politics around us. We take it as matters of concern the issues of work and wage weather we are resort workers or civil servants. In the category of work, we are all in the same boat.

Time as always is short for us in resort life so a few points are in order…


On the issue of cutting government staff salary, the president seems to be wrong.. here is why. (saying this much would have been akin to blesphemy only a year ago!)

  1. The process was rushed. Some committees were arranged hastily to do meetings and come up with advise to the cabinet which was hastily given and hastily taken. Should not have been.
  2. People were not informed and legitimate concerns doesn’t seem to have been addressed.
  3. Ramazan is just around the corner, so the time is obviously wrong.
  4. The Majlis people earn a very fat salary and the government with its half of MPs and with a concerted effort could start with them first. However the bill to trim their salary was put forward by the majority people and was turned down by everyone else saying it was gimmic to fulfil campaign promises (which is also true!)
  5. Cutting cost is good and becoming efficeint is very good but we shall not go after the easy targets like hardworking people’s salaries etc.
  6. This is especially so in a politically polarized atmosphere where both the government and opposition is weak and can be used to pick on each other.
  7. The government is trying to be saintly by doing painful sacrifices while hoping others will follow which will not happen.
  8. There are indeed many other ways the government can cut costs and dramatically reduce wastage but those who are already mired in wasteful practices who were assimilated to positions responsible for cutting costs cannot register it. Fresh faces and purposeful well meaning people can do the job although such people are in short supply. Another way would be to involve the people in the islands and atolls (not the big shots from eminient families of the island… ) to come up with a list of measures which can be implemented to do this.
  9. The use of media (state media for that matter) for promoting a just cause could not be wrong. However in the zeal (or zest?) for pure democracy the government is seeming to be shying away from media as it doesn’t want to be seen controlling the media like as was the case with the past regime. This is understandable but does anybody have time learn from committing mistakes and learning from them again?
  10. In this case the math that is involved in this cost cutting is not explained. For example if 5% cost cut was implemented on civil servants who number 20000 with an average of 3000rf per month, the savings would be 3 million ruffiyaas. Which is what? Roughly the equivalent of a fish dhoni built on fiber glass… Evidently not engough to raise the ire of a large number of people. The numbers are imaginary but the point is the media should have been used to inform the people on how much would be saved. And how the saved money would benefit the people.

Do you agree? If you would like to agree to disagree then please comment below here!


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