Herethere reopens come November

According to Ibrahim Saleem the chairman of MTDC, the company is trying to have the island reopen as soon as November. This is good news for everyone especially the staff whose careers were cut short by the crisis in which the resort was embroiled for the last one year.
Currently the island is being reevaluated for the handover and according to Saleem the work will take another 15 days. MTDC is going to open the island for interested bidders to express interest in the next 10 days and Contrary to the earlier bidding processes, this time international bidders will also be represented which hopefully will bring capable hotels to the process. This is all very welcome news just when the tourism industry’s statistics have shown consistent decline the past 3 months and there are small signs emerging that the worst may have been over.


7 thoughts on “Herethere reopens come November

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