Why resort supplies are overcharged?

It should have been the other way around. Resorts being big customers, the shops in Male’ that sells resort supplies should have been eager to do business with resorts. Normally that’s the nature of business. Shops try to entice big customers with discounts, lines of credits, deferred payments and other such perks small customers are not favored with. But this doesn’t seem to be the case in Male’.

Contrary to intuition, the big shops in Male’ such as hardware shops will actually give you discount if you are a little fish and if you asked for a quotation for something the shop will ask the address of the business, and if the business happens to be a resort the chances are that you will not get a discount or in fact the price of the item being quoted might be revised up. Maybe its a way to make quick money but it certainly is not the way to entice bigger fishes.

The shops might be counting on the fact that resorts being well moneyed businesses, might not be aware of the discount they give but rather be more focused on the item they seek. OR the shop owners or keepers might be business wizened to the fact that a connection to the resort supplies man is very a closed window of opportunity and depends on the amount of commission (or bribes…) he can make on his purchases.

SO ultimately this is about corruption than shops running counter clockwise… Resorts and local businesses are loosing immense benefits of mutual trading because of corruption, plain and simple. Its all too common a phrase frequently heard in resorts whenever a thing (any thing..) is ordered or requested to be answered that ITS NOT AVAILABLE IN MALE’. And the claim of unavailability can be on anything which might even be abundant in Male’. The idea is to pressure the resort to buy the same goods elsewhere most probably higher priced and yet with commissions to the the ppl involved. Sad but true this is the case of many resorts and supplies ppl.


3 thoughts on “Why resort supplies are overcharged?

  1. very good and very true article. i know the resort purchasing officers who are involved in this are very angry to your article. i would be very happy if you write atleast 3 articles focused on this matter per month.

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