How the Chaaya Island (Dhonveli) strike ended


Some strikes end with a bang while others fizzle out… and this is what have happened in Chaaya Island (Dhonveli). The strike was about racial discrimination, the resort manipulating service charge distribution, working conditions and many other similar things. According to our friends in the resort, the resort management successfully intimidated the government with the gloomy economic outlook and ultimately the tourism ministry gave in and did not press upon the woes the staff raised. The resort once they got strike to end is likely to do which hunt and has already decided that the staff who were party to the strike shall have their salary cut for the days on strike and to deduct the amount in the next four months pay. This is how one of the worst employers in the tourism industry is dealing with the already oppressed staff who are the lowest in pay scales in comparison to other resorts. Their mistake was to have been polite even in protest which the management took as weakness and ultimately it just appeared so.

The resort has dismissed all the issues the staff raised as baseless and has not even hinted at investigating the claims let alone undo the wrongs.


One thought on “How the Chaaya Island (Dhonveli) strike ended

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