Creating the Unemployment Register


The government is in the process of creating the Unemployment Register and according to the Human Resources Minister, the register will be up in 2 weeks time. The register will be established in all job centers in Male’, as well as in the islands and in island offices. Giving information about this project minister said the reason is to “…so that government can easily identify those who seek employment in an official manner…”

Several points immediately comes to mind in reference to the minister’s talk.
1.Its a very good first step maybe a little bit overdue considering the number of those who are unemployed in the country. At last the government is trying to come to terms with the problem rather than finding easy excuses for inaction.
2.The government is silent about what they would do once they identify those who seek employment and this is not very positive. Maybe the government is trying to be cautious in raising too much of a hope amid a global recession but there are many things that can be done. Sri Lanka is our nearest neighboring country and the friendliest country to ours and we can learn many a lesson from them.
3.The said “job centers” in Male’ and elsewhere is very much invisible and one wonders weather they function at all. We have yet to find any resort worker who got a job through these ‘job centers. If you know one please comment below.
4.We are still not the ‘welfare state’ so nobody gets any benefits of being unemployed. Apart from the former president, nobody in this country seems to benefit from unemployment and nobody seems to be asking for such benefits yet. True sign of patriotism, altruism and realism maybe.


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