Enter Southern Cross

Southern Cross
Southern Cross

Its one of the most popular constellation on this side (south) of earth’s hemisphere and a good one to point at to the ‘guests’. Most of our guests would have heard about southern cross maybe in films and in books. Living in tall cities with bright lights across the sky and beyond, they would not have got as beautiful a chance to watch these stars like in our resorts.

The constellation in the picture is in the shape of a kite and it is oriented south to north. Just nearby to the southern cross are two of the brightest ‘stars’ and they seem to point to the top of the kite. These two are called alpha and beta centauri. They are closest to us in the space.

Sometimes guests know about these famous stars but as they live in the northern hemisphere they would not have seen it and consequently finding these stars in Maldives is another attraction to their holiday in our country.


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