Another strike against One and only Reethi Rah Resort

Easa and Reethi Rah
Easa and Reethi Rah

This time the protest happened in Male’ and the protesters were raising the issue of discrimination against management. They were protesting outisde Ameeniyya School where a job fair organized by the Reethi resort was comming to end after 2 days starting from Friday. According to the protesters the job fair organized by the Reethi Rah management was only a front to employ staff with the exception of locals. Reethi Rah has been labeled as strongly anti- locals in the past and the situation in the island doesn’t seem to have improved. According to Mr. Ahmed Easa, the president of Tourism Employees Association of Mldives 3 such job fairs has been organized by the resort in the last 18 months and yet no locals were hired for the resort in the fair held in Thoddu and that only one person was hired from the fair held in Addu.
He also said that Reethi Rah is notorious for summary dismissals of local staff and that in 2006 sixty locals were summarily dismissed, and in 2007 fourteen were summarily dismissed and in this very year and in 2008 more than 13 locals were summarily dismissed.
He also said that there are currently 10 pending cases against Reethi Rah management in the Employment Tribunal and that Reethi Rah is the only employer to have been lodged most number of complaints in the Employment Tribunal.


6 thoughts on “Another strike against One and only Reethi Rah Resort

  1. The above-mentioned offender actually opened a new profile in the same website in 2009. This is not the same profile that’s in issue here. The issue here is the website profile that she created in 2007 which continued thru 2010. Maybe to be able to evade her offense, she deactivated this 2007 profile and retained the 2009 profile. Unluckily, an authentic copy of the 2007 profile has been spread all around and can’t be denied. Bless her! Mr Gm Killinger!????

  2. Maldives is becoming a cradle for stupid activities done by the foreign people it accommodates. Please wake up Maldives! Allah is watching!

  3. nonymous said…

    There is a new big issue about One and Only Reethi Rah. The EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT named Mercy Reyes Fajardo was found to have been having a prostituting website on the internet. This is an act that is no one’s business if this, as we may say, is a personal lifestyle. But Reethi Rah’s management’s lack of action despite very obviously identifiable information that the said person had posted, linking her name to Reethi Rah as a legitimate employee, plus posting pictures of guests’ children that she took shots of during her part-time babysitting hours, is really not an amusing thing. Guests from all over the world should be discouraged from choosing One and Only Reethi Rah as a destination for holidays, especially if they have kids with them, as it is a place where their rights won’t be respected, their rights would be invaded, and their kids exploited. If anyone is interested in seeing the pictures of children who were posted by Mercy Reyes Fajardo, a Filipino employee in the Finance Dept of One and Only Reethi Rah, pls email and the full contents of the website will be emailed to you. To those parents who were guests in One and Only Reethi Rah Maldives between yr 2007 and 2008, you might be interested to see if the pictures include your babies. We should spread this information.

  4. Reethi rah should be destroyed!! One & Only should be BANNED from Maldives!!! i call on Maldivian government to take nesseccery actions immediately….

  5. Look at the ugly looking island… Should name Reethi Rah as Huthuru Rah

    ‘Definetly One and Only Huthuru Rah’

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