Potable water to drink


Forgive their ignorance, but most of the guests who take a sun and sand holiday in a typical Maldives resort would not know this. That the staff who serve and make their holiday possible, their waiters and ‘roomboys’ and everyone else offering assistance with or without their knowledge are given the same water to drink that is supplied to their flush tanks … This is of course despite the fact that in most resorts bottled drinking water are sold to guests sometimes as high as 3$s per bottle, which needless to say is enough to buy 1/2 a case of bottled water in local rates.
This is in fact the situation in about almost all of our resorts and the cause of the problem is lack of imagination and insensitivity among other many things that can be rightly attributed to the managements. Lack of imagination because this is a situation which is totally reversible with existing infrastructure in the resorts with minimal if any expenses to the resort. Insensitive because in most resorts the top management are far removed from the other staff when it comes to facilities for them hence out of touch with reality.
All resorts without exception produce their water in situ with water plants from sea water and the quality of the water produced is mostly taken for granted. The water machines require simple maintenance routines to keep the water quality up and yet are completely neglected in the majority of the resorts.

Imagination or any stretch of it should be extended to keep a separate stock of water for staff, which could be double filtered from the same water plants and the resulting product would indeed be better than bottled water in quality.

On the simplified diagram above of a typical R/O plant the only change needed to do a double filtration is to feed back the product water to the system past the pre-treatment stage and the plumbing to such a connection should be already available in most R/O plants.


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