Use Live Cds… When Windows is virus infected

Desktop view of Puppy Linux

Laptops and personal computers are common among resort workers and is used for variety of reasons. For the expatriate staff the predominant use is to keep in touch with family back home via voip such as skype or Msn messenger. However there is a handicap of laptop use that frequently arises in resort and that is the issue of viruses (in Microsoft Windows) which at times is a minor nuisance whilst in other cases makes many a laptop inoperable. This is a grievous issue for staff in resorts in far flung islands in Maldives far away from Male and expert help.
Our solution to the problem is simple… Use live cds or at least keep one live cd in case things get wrong.

Linux Live cds are complete operating systems in one cd which can be used to boot a laptop or a desktop from cd rom and a whole functioning operating system springs to life in no time. Unlike Microsoft Windows Linux live cds need not be installed to the computer and is very handy when a computer is infected and no longer operable. Unlike like windows, most linux live cd distributions have all the programs and applications installed such as media player, cd writer, internet browser, messenger, graphics programs as well as open office suite which has substitutes for Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

Here is a link to a collection of Linux Live CD Distributions which are of course free and need only to be burnt to a cd in the iso format and booted only from Cd ROM.

If the computer or laptop seems to ignore a burnt live cd bootable disk then the boot order (or priority) setting in the bios may need to be changed to start the computer from cdrom first.

We recommend Ubuntu which is a linux distribution most popular and easiest to use and can be used without installing on to hard disk. Another much smaller but as simple one is Puppy. Its amazing how small and yet powerful these distros are and brings real meaning to the processing power in computers..


2 thoughts on “Use Live Cds… When Windows is virus infected

  1. Linux is better than windows
    Most people use Microsoft Windows, and pirates want to do as much damage (or control) as possible. Therefore, they target windows. Virus, Trojans, adware … windows lets these enter your computer pretty easily.
    In Windows you (and any program you install) usually have the right to do pretty much anything to the system. You can go inside the system folder and delete whatever you want: Windows won’t complain. Of course, the next time you reboot, trouble begins. Linux doesn’t allow that. Every time you request to do something that has to do with the system, an administrator password is required (and if you’re not an administrator on this system, you simply can’t do it). Viruses can’t just go around and delete or modify what they want in the system; they don’t have the authorization for that.


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