Some environmental thoughts…

as far back as 1989, we were demonstrating against the world..
as far back as 1989, we were demonstrating against the world..

photo credit :Nalaka Gunawardene

The year was 1989. The prevalent idea at the time was like this… Greenhouse gases released into atmosphere by industrial process in developed and developing countries are depleting ozone layer somewhere above the earth… Which somehow heats up the atmosphere below and ice sheets in both poles will melt and the melting ice will flood the oceans raising the tide levels till our little country will be submerged… Atleaset that was the prevalent narration. However scientists are telling us now that the exact sequence of events somehow will be a little more complex than that. For one thing the melted ice will not flow to oceans just as water flows on from a spherical surface and that they are regulated by magnetic field of earth as much as the surface geometry of earth.. lots of physics and science involved in the process of determiing the exact course nature seems to be taking. But few things are certain:

The ice sheets are melting and dissapearing fast.
The world is getting a little bit hotter
The developed countries do not seem to share our grief… They are infact expecting oil and mineral booms from the poles once the ice melts..

The time for preventive action to halt this runaway process of global warmings seems to be past and gone.. Politicians across the globe made sure they never benefitted from the scientific knowledge..

2 thoughts on “Some environmental thoughts…

  1. Thank you for using my 1989 photo to illustrate your blog post. You can read more about my impressions of the Small States Conference on Sea Level Rise (Nov 1989) on my blog at:

    Climate change may have started as an environmental problem, but today it is a formidable global issue with humanitarian, human rights, diplomatic and geopolitical dimensions. In the on-going debates on mitigating climate change and adapting to change that is already happening, it’s very important that more local voices such as yours are heard and heeded.

    Please keep expressing your views online, through your blog.

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